I turned heels - 2 of 'em - OH YEAH!

Toe up, 2 at a time socks done on magic loop. I was doing so well after the Turkish caston and up the foot that I was overconfident when it came to the heels. I had turned a heel once on dpn’s and so I thought i could do it. I charged on through (my first time using sock yarn and size 1 needles) and ended up with big ridges up the sides and big holes at the top ( I could fit my pinky fingertop through the holes). Ug.

So I ripped them out, then went over a couple short row heel tutorials again, and worked on them using worsted weight yarn, and finally reattempted last night. It took me almost 3 hours to turn 2 heels!

It turns out I had been picking up the wraps from the top down instead of bottom up the first time, if that makes sense. Also I needed to hold the wraps pretty tight when wrapping to prevent the extra slack from making a big hole at the top. And I picked up stitches at the corners and knit them together with stitches.

NO HOLES! Wooooohooooo! :happydance: :happydance:

:happydance: :cheering: That is wonderful!!!

Hooray for you!!! :cheering: I’ve still to learn the technique for toes up, and two at a time. You are way ahead of me in sock learnin’ ! I want to see those finished socks!!! Will you post a photo? samm who has two second socks to finish. Someday…

So glad you figured it out! To bad Silver didn’t have her new tutorial posted yet when you started. It is great and really shows you exactly how to pick up the wraps.

Yeah, I was already to heel-turning stage when I heard about it. I will definitely give it a thorough read through and use it for my next pair though!

And I just noticed, I do have one small hole at the top of my short rows on one side. Oh well, the other 3 look good! (at least, before I put my foot in them. I am going to knit up the leg a ways before I try them on again, I am afraid of stretching them out!