I touched Kevin Smith

Hey all, I just had to share. I accidently bumped shoulders with Kevin Smith in the Las Vegas airport! OMG, I touched a Gen X GOD!!!cloud9:woohoo::woot:cloud9

Oh, and I have a cute KIP story on my blog that I didn’t feel like retyping. So click if you feel like it, and if you don’t well…I still touched Kevin Smith!!!


That is cool, and that story on your blog was so funny!:rofl:

the story in your blog :roflhard::rofl:

Gotta say that I still, even after googling “Kevin Smith,” have no clue who he is. Guess he doesn’t sing Christian music. :teehee:

But, I did enjoy your story. Those two are probably [I]still[/I] arguing about whether you were knitting or crocheting. :roflhard:

First item on a google search on the name “kevin smith”. Is this the one you meant?

Oh my god! You touched Silent Bob! I hate you. Not really, but I am sooo jealous.

He definitely does not sing Christian music. It’s about the opposite of Kevin Smith. Not trying to offend here, just being honest about him.

He made the movie Dogma.

I heart all his movies.

OMG! I hate you! My bloke has a picture with him, damn him - he was coming out of a film during the film festival in Edinburgh when Clerks II premiered, and managed to get a pic… I hate him too! He is a god…

I’ll tell my husband… he’s a big Kevin Smith fan. I don’t think I would necessarily recognize him.

I LOVE Kevin Smith! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!

I totally LIVED the movie Clerks when I was working at a stop and rob. It was so funny.

The KIP story?? Oh my!! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

The Kevin Smith story?? :happydance::woohoo:

Kevin Smith rocks!!

I have a really good friend in Minnesota who’s gonna be insanely jealous when I tell her.

See, if you had just said “Silent Bob” in the first place
I would have been all jealous along with everyone else.:mrgreen:

Instead, I was just “Who the heck is Kevin Smith??” :shrug:

I just can’t believe he spoke back!


Ok, first off :teehee: to all the responses. All of my friends are sooooo jelous! My BF…yea, he had to ask someone who Kevin Smith was, and he still doesn’t get it. He’s never seen any of his movies.

I can’t believe he said anything to me either. I’m still on cloud9

Oh, meeting Silent Bob would be neat. I knew a guy once that claimed to be a close friend of his (yeah, sure).

I never got into the whole Clerks etc. thing. I’m not much of a movie buff anyway. However, they are icons …