I tore my Achilles Tendon last night -- UPDATE - Surgery next Tuesday

What a buffoon! There I was running on slippery pavement when I felt a pop and that was that.

I was picking my son up from camp at the time and I had the dog with me so I had to drive (lucky for me, it’s my left leg and I drive an automatic) to the ER. My SIL came to pick up the son and the dog and take them home. After a few hours alone at the ER, I was sent home with a prescription for Percocet and a referral to an ortho surgeon.

Of course, dh is in Malaysia and won’t be home til Saturday. :pout:

I am feeling scared, worried and sorry for myself. Now, I need to get an appointment with someone who will see me ASAP and find out about surgery to repair the damage.

It could be worse. It doesn’t really hurt right now – it’s just a pain getting around – I hope the kids don’t mind pizza for dinner every night. It’s the only thing I can think of for us that I can have delivered.

Ok, gotta get calling some docs and figure out what to do next

Thanks for listening,

Oh my! I hope you’re on the mend soon. It sounds pretty serious if surgery is necessary. You seem to be handling it like a brave little solider, especially with your DH away. Hang in there!

BTW, it’s pretty hard to imagine a kid who wouldn’t absolutely love having pizza every night!

Oh my- hugs for you!!! does your health insurance have a referral line? or an online service that lets you find specialists near you?

I’m not sure what your area is like but so many places deliver food these days- even the pizza places have salads, chicken wings, and other selections! If you are in a good size city you may even have “takeout Taxi” (or something similar) who for a fee will go to any carryout restaurant, pick up the food and deliver it to you.

and if all else fails- PB&J makes an excellent meal. so does a bowl of cereal! Maybe your SIL could make a quick food run for frozen dinners/ easy food for you.

I really hope you find a doc ASAP and start feeling better-

Thanks for the well wishes – I found a doc this morning and got into see him this afternoon.

I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday.

At least dh will be home by then but I will be hobbling around for a month in a cast and another month in a boot.

There goes my summer – at least I can still knit:violin:

Oh well, it could have been worse!

you poor thing!

Take care and keep us up to date on all your knitting projects! :happydance:

I don’t envy you dealing with casting/bracing during the heat of the summer - sure hope you’ve got A/C or lots of fans! :hot:


Hugs for you!!! You poor thing. Don’t be scared!!! You’ll probably look really cute in your cast, and you can make everyone go and fetch things for you! It’s like a license to relax and knit! :slight_smile:


Thanks, everyone – you are all so sweet.

I’ll be able to be waited upon as soon as dh returns from Maylasia on Saturday.

Meantime, the kids are “helping.” :hair:

If they don’t kill each other in the process!


Buy some permanent markers in a variety of colors so the kids can decorate your cast !!

Then ask about getting a cast protector from the pharmacy so you can take showers…not sure exactly what they are called, but ours are blue rubber, you pull them on over the cast then use a valve to remove all the air and you can get in the shower without trash bags, tape etc etc.

Best of Luck going into surgery and hope your husband makes its home safely.

Best of luck in your surgery! We’re all praying for you! Let us know how everything turns out.

I hope your surgery goes well! Big hugs :hug::hug::hug:

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your foot! :pout: And that at a time when you’re home by yourself with the kids, what a nightmare!


My boss tore his achilles tendon a couple of years ago, it took quite a while to all heal up. At least it will give you time for knitting, but … Ack! So sorry!

I hope your surgery goes well and that the time until DH is home safely won’t get too long. :hug: