I took the leap!

I took THE LEAP! After much research, and thought, I purchased an e-reader from Amazon on Friday! The new generation Kindle (Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology).

Although Amazon has been offering their e-reader versions at a $25 savings, this savings has a hitch: at launch you will see advertisements displayed. The ads won’t be visible when you’re reading. I opted to pay full price ($189) to avoid ads.

I’m real excited to begin using the Kindle 3! I’m hoping that it will give me decent pdf capability. I’ll transfer just one (knitting pattern) pdf to my Kindle as a trial. From what I’ve read, The KINDLE DX reader gets higher marks for its pdf usefulness, but I don’t ask a lot from pdf software. My DROIDX has a pdf reader and it’s entirely satisfactory. I’ve downloaded 50% of my pdf knitting patterns into my Droidx. It’s been very handy as quick reference.

The shipping/tracking information from Amazon says delivery is scheduled for today!

I’m real curious how this Kindle 3G connectivity thing works. From what I’ve read, when I’m out of WiFi range, I can get internet connection via the 3G provided by ATT. Can order e-books from Amazon, or even check email! Is that true? Could I log in at Ravelry and download my pdf library into my Kindle? (I did this to get them into my Droidx)

Another route that can be employed to transfer my knitting pdf’s is hooking up the Kindle to my laptop via the USB cable included. That true?

I own about a dozen Kindle books that I’ve read using my Droidx Kindle app, or my “Kindle for PC” app. (both apps were free!) The KINDLE 3 has a 6" screen…2" larger than my Droidx screen.

The KINDLE DX has a whopper 9.7" screen for about double the price, but that size isn’t as portable as I prefer. The latest Kindle will slip into my pocket!

I’ve read that there are no deposits, no contracts, no monthly fees associated with the 3G + Wifi Kindle, however I can’t believe there won’t be some restrictions involved. What do you know about it?

Of course, when using either your home network Wifi, or free Wifi at a local hotspot, there would naturally be no restrictions or data limitations. But for the 3G internet connection??? :??

I’m dying to know.

Congratulations! I can’t wait to see how you like it “in person”! I was wondering about the 3G as well. Free just seems to be too good to be true. So just curious what tipped the scales in favor if Kindle over Nook or Nook Color?

BTW… a $25 savings is sooooo no worth it to deal with ads. Are they nuts?

(Oh and I didn’t get the iPad2 because we had a bunch of stuff we had to do on the house and with the cost I couldn’t justify it at that time. Maybe someday.)

[B]Re: [/B][COLOR=Blue]Kindle [/COLOR][U]vs[/U] [COLOR=DarkRed]Nook[/COLOR]: all things pretty much being equal, the [B]decisive factor[/B] tipping the scale [U]are the numerous Kindle books that I already own[/U]! [B]PLUS:[/B] Nook & Nook Color [U]do not offer 3G network models[/U]! (am I wrong?) [COLOR=Blue]

The Kindle offers both Wifi only and 3G+Wifi![/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkRed]Nook only seems to offer Wifi[/COLOR]! (Downer.)

I downloaded the free “Kindle for PC” a little over a year ago (to get my hands on a new book, and didn’t feel like adding clutter to my home with another paper book!) Additionally, when I got this Droidx…the built-in “Kindle for Android” whooshed all of my “Kindle for PC” books! No matter which Kindle reader I open, they are synced immediately. [B]Amazon calls this feature “Whispersync”. I call it doggone convenient.[/B]

I downloaded the [B]Kindle 3 User Guide.[/B] It’s in my Droidx, but I acquired it using my laptop! (Whispersync at work!) I believe, from what I read, that the second my Kindle 3 is charged and then opened, all of my Kindle books will whoosh right into it, too. I’ve purchased several over the past year, plus downloaded several free books as well.

[COLOR=Red]In reading the USER GUIDE, I did stumble upon some 3G fees:[/COLOR] you will pay a small fee each time you use [B]the 3G network[/B] to transfer your personally owned pdf’s from laptop to Kindle. This method is essentially asking Amazon to provide the service of electronically delivering “someone else’s” pdf’s or file to your Kindle. So naturally it would follow there is a fee for the service.

BUT, there is a [U]free workaround[/U] offered, too, using the Wifi feature to email yourself with the pdf’s or docs, using the dedicated Amazon email address you will, or can, sign up for.

Another [U]free workaround[/U] is, of course, attaching your Kindle to your laptop, using the USB enclosed, to “drag-drop” any and all pdf’s or files you desire.

All [U]free workarounds[/U] are noted in the User Guide, and the workarounds are [B]easy[/B] to do.

I doubt that the pdf’s I transfer into my Kindle 3 will be Whispersync’d into my two free Kindle apps…the Kindle for PC and Droidx Kindle I think only books and mags purchased [I]directly from Amazon will Whispersync[/I].

Coming very soon the Kindle 3 will have the capability to [B]“borrow” library books[/B] for the normal limited amount of time (Nook already offers this feature, a deal breaker in Nook’s favor)…so the Kindle had to play catch-up on that score! When you borrow the library book (from your participating local library) you can “write” in the margins, etc…but your notations are not viewable to the next person who “checks out/borrows” the book. And if you check it out again at another time, all of your notations are still there! Aaaaamazing. When this Library Lending feature is available, the UPDATE to your KINDLE will be sent to your Kindle. Just like our Android phones…updates are sent for download. I think the updates are sent over the 3G network from Amazon to my Kindle 3G+Wifi. I don’t know what would happen if updates were necessary and I only had Wifi.

[B][COLOR=DarkRed]Nook Color:[/COLOR][/B] it wasn’t of prime interest to me as a selling point because pdf and book reading are not color items, and I read that the Color feature draws more battery.

Both Kindle and Nook are awesome pieces of technology, with many satisfied, loyal customers! BTW: I have an Android Nook in my Droidx, too, but I’ve never used it to download books from B&N because Amazon offers that cool [B]1-Click [/B]purchase feature, with no need to sign in on the Amazon website over and over. Convenient. Quick. Efficient. Whoosh. :wink:

We love our Kindles.

KINDLE 3 arrived. The leather case, too…the new & improved case with the light. (I read that the 1st generation leather cases were interfering with the electronics of the Kindle itself). Anyway, this version is working fine. Amazon fixed their issues. The LED light works off the battery of the Kindle, no need for batteries…and draws very little ‘juice’ from the Kindle battery. It sure does help! Glad I got it. I was fretting over the added expense. Yeah, I purchased the red case. The Granite Kindle color is, you know…drab…but white would make the page color look drabber…so I went with Granite…and a red case!

Anyway, happy to report a few nice things I discovered!

  1. So you get a thousand things downloaded into your KINDLE…books, pdf’s, etc. So who in the world wants to scroll for days, looking for a book, or a certain pdf?? Well, not to worry. You can create COLLECTIONS and name them…and so if I’m looking for a knitting pdf…I will click my KNIT collection…and this makes them more easily accessible. [COLOR=Navy]

Now naturally I’m wondering “Hmmm, can I create Collections within Collections?”[/COLOR]
Anyone know offhand???

  1. YES! [B]I was able to log in at Ravelry!!![/B] So there ya go! Of course, it is NOT IN COLOR…but, at least it is accessible. I can log in on my email accounts, GOOGLE, etc. Very nice!!! And there is no charge for it. [U]Not being in color[/U] will limit how much I use it. But that’s ok. [COLOR=DarkGreen][B]It’s free[/B][/COLOR], and very readable. Nice for responding to messages etc, if your Droidx is low on, or out of, juice in the high mountains.

  2. I highly recommend the leather cover with the light. [U]Just this amount of light really perks up the contrast on the page[/U]! I might use it all the time. My eyes really thanked me. BTW: It does not create glare, being specially made to illuminate the Kindle page. There is another style case that takes a different kind of light that is clipped on. Seems kind of cumbersome and annoying. This light (below) just pulls out of the top right corner, and when you pull it out far enough it “clicks” into position and turns itself on. How convenient and tidy!

  1. The drag-drop thing was smooth. First time I connected my Kindle to my laptop via the USB cord enclosed, the software loaded up real quick, recognizing my Kindle. And the drag-drop thing was easy. Amazingly fast! You can drag-drop music to the ‘music’ folder…and all pdf’s and docs are dragged to the ‘documents’ folder…and whoosh. They appear in your KINDLE as soon as you eject the KINDLE from your laptop on the computer’s end. You don’t yank it out of your KINDLE. You must play nice.

  2. The USB cord also has a AC adapter that allows you to plug your KINDLE into the wall…and if you pull off the AC adapter head…it exposes the USB connector…and you plug that into your laptop. Kinda nice that one cord can be used for two functions.

Thought you might like to know that I am very impressed with the EASE at which I was able to become adapted to navigating the Kindle. I thought I’d have more trouble.

One thing…if you have access to any device (like a Droid) that can get the USER GUIDE from Amazon…it really helps to read the USER GUIDE on your Droid, while you are working out a solution on the KINDLE. I mean…how can you ‘read’ the USER GUIDE remedy at the same time you’re trying to (for example) follow steps 1-5 for setting up a “COLLECTION”? Kinda inconvenient. You’d have to have a split screen!

So, do yourself a favor. Get on your Droid (or other smartphone), go to Amazon.com and [U]fetch the USER GUIDE [/U]into your (Android or other) Kindle app. Then you can [U]open both the Kindles[/U] when you’re a newbie trying to do this and that! :wink: Follow me?

I had read someone comment on that very issue.

  1. My KINDLE 3 arrived with the 3.1 update pre-installed. One of the [U]cool features[/U] in the recent update is this: the REAL PAGE NUMBERS (corresponding to the hard copy paper & ink book) appear at the bottom of the Kindle page, too! (You have to press MENU to bring up the page number at the bottom of the page) So now when you are talking to someone who has the hard copy book…you both have a point of reference [B]with the real page numbers![/B] Yay!!! This has been a long time a’comin’ if you ask me!

Now doggone it…I’m going to bed [B]to read![/B]
I’ve read internet testimonies that this light doesn’t disturb the partner laying next to you, snoring! :teehee:

That sounds great! Your reviews are always so clear and thorough! Thanks! And I KNEW you’d get a red leather cover! :lol: I like that, too. :thumbsup:

I really like the size and weight of it so it’s very tempting! I like the touch screen of the iPad and Nook Color and the fact that you can have some apps, but I like the weight of the Kindle for reading.

Can you do markup on PDFs btw? That would require a touch screen I suppose… :think:

What are ‘markups’? Do you mean underlining? Writing in margins? I’ll google the term…

ETA: no, you can’t do pdf markups in the truest definition. No yellow highlighting, etc. But you can underline and add notes, etc. Out of the box you can can just read the pdf in its original format. However, if you email your pdf to your email address at Amazon and include the word CONVERT in the subject line, Amazon will wifi you a converted-to-Kindle-format version, which allows some manipulation, such as font changes, etc, underling, notes, etc. I don’t think you have to pay a fee for “conversion” if you avoid 3G delivery to your Kindle and go wifi instead. The USER GUIDE supplies a clear explanation about free workarounds. You can read the USER GUIDE at Amazon,.and even download it, before purchase which is nice! If a person doesn’t have access to a wifi connection, you can still retrieve your converted pdf via your home email address I think. Not sure on all steps, but tedd some language to that effect.

I believe the latest generation of the KINDLE DX has a more sophisticated version of pdf handling. I didn’t research too far on that though, but read comments about it being more user versatile.

The KINDLE DX is a 9.7" screen, and runs $379.
KINDLE 3 is a 6", and runs $189 w/o advertisements.

Okay, thanks. I know the iPad has that ability which is very cool. You use a stylus and can make marks for row counts or whatever. I am so used to using a touch screen that it kind of holds me back from the Kindle. I’ll have to do some more research, but your review helped a lot.

BTW - On my iPhone I can turn pages by swiping the screen…how’s it work on Kindle?

You high-tech ladies are awesome!

HOWEVER, I’ll stick with my print books and print-outs of patterns. That way, when the electricity goes off, I can still read and knit and crochet.

I just love the feel of holding a book in my hands, and since I’m a papercrafter, too, I love paper. Besides, since the only things I really collect are books and dust (and both seem to need each other so much), why would I break up that happy union?

Am I relieved to read Antares comments. And here I was thinking I was the only one in the world who is technologically impaired. I marvel I can even use one of ‘these’ things. :teehee:

I also collect book, and yes the accompanying dust and fear we are running out of space to store them. Maybe this old pooch will be forced to learn a few new tricks? I’ll think about it :wink: and yes, I am envious of those of you who are high tech. :thumbsup:

I LOVE technology and gadgets…the more the better. :lol: I will say that I also have a ton of books and still purchase them. I am reading a series on my iPhone now because the first one was free and I liked it so much I checked the rest and they were only $2.99 on my Kindle app! So I got them.

Why do I like reading on my Kindle app…it’s portable so I always have my book with me. I can highlight a word I don’t know and get a definition. I can search through the book for someones name or whatever if I forgot who they were. It’s so cool! :wink:

Jan, you are tempting me with your comments. I like gadgets of all sorts also when I can figure them out. Who knows, maybe I am not too old to learn? Taught myself how to use a computer. :wink:

Well, I tend to be somewhat “high-tech” in other areas, but I guess my old-fashioned views show through in the book/paper area. In addition to my beloved books, I have loads and loads of old letters from friends and family members that I like to look back through. Somehow looking at old e-mails just isn’t the same.

To each their own, I guess!!!

The NOOK ‘swipes’.

The Kindle has a page turner. The screen is not a touch screen at all. I purchased the Kindle for reading purposes. I didn’t purchase it to use as a working pdf reader, however it’s a great bonus to be able to have my knitting pdf’s in there for informational reasons. Really, I use a paper printout of my pdf’s ‘to work with’…and my knitting notebook. All still “paper & ink” for sure!

See where her index finger is? That is the “turn one page back” button. See where her thumb is? That is the “turn the page over” button. These two “page turners” are located on both the left edge and right right edge, so if you are left-handed you are more comfortable.

It is amazingly responsive.

My Droidx Kindle is a “swipe” model cuz my Droidx is a touch screen. It’s nice too. I am surprised how easily I adapted to the “page turners” feature. I’m so engrossed in the reading I barely notice [U]how[/U] the pages turn. I’m just glad they do!

For sure, the iPad is it’s own wonderful piece of technology! If you need the iPad for its [U]multiple functions[/U], it’s nice that it can double as an e-reader. Kinda like my Droidx also doubles as a bare-bones e-reader. BUT, it’s a [COLOR=DarkRed][B]battery hog. [/B][/COLOR] I could not read books on my Droidx for 3500 hours without re-charging, nor on the iPad. So that’s why the Kindle (and Nook) are superior as dedicated e-readers. If you are a serious reader…the Kindle is your baby!

When I’m isolated up in the mountains…I like to read at night…and I cannot be sucking my Droidx dry. Powering it back up is sometimes not possible when I need to! We have a generator, but it’s not always running…and husband is out of camp with his truck most of the day…working in the forest…pulling logs he’s cut down with his truck and Warn winch…and so the car charger is out of my reach, too! :wall:

Anyway, I just “converted” a knitting pdf to Kindle format! (for free!) It is wonderful!
I’m able to highlight and make notes within the pdf. And change the font, etc. It is NOT like opening the pdf with Adobe X…but it’s fine and very readable.

[COLOR=Navy]I wish I knew how extensively the [B]KINDLE DX[/B] handles pdf’s. [/COLOR]:think: [COLOR=DarkRed]For $379 it should do much more you’d think![/COLOR]


I love, love, love my Kindle. There are always new free books on Amazon too :happydance:
A battery saving tip - turn off the 3G when you are at home or not needing to download. It uses the wireless in your house even if the 3G is turned on.

I don’t see how to specifically [U]turn off the 3G[/U] specifically but I do see how to[U] turn off the Wifi[/U]. (which I do) When I turn off the Wifi…the 3G disappears with it. I guess it’s interconnected?

I don’t use Wifi in my home. My laptop is dedicated to the Ethernet thing. I [U]could[/U] turn on the Wifi of my modem…but never did. My reasoning was: I wouldn’t use the laptop anywhere but here in my office. I use the Droidx everywhere else in the house.

PLUS…I don’t know how to turn on my home Wifi, and set up the security for it. :wall:

I guess I should call my carrier about it.

Here’s what Amazon says about the KINDLE DX pdf capability:

[B]Built-In PDF Reader[/B]
Unload the loose documents from your briefcase or backpack, and put them all on Kindle. From neighborhood newsletters to financial statements to case studies and product manuals–you can take them all with you on Kindle DX. Native PDF support allows you to carry and read all of your personal and professional documents on the go. Zoom into any area of a PDF up to 300% and pan around to more easily view small print and detailed tables and graphics. With Amazon’s Whispernet service, you can send your documents directly to your Kindle DX and read them anytime, anywhere. Some features such as annotations and read-to-me are not currently supported for PDF. You also have the option to have your PDF document converted to the Kindle format so that it reflows.

:?? I dunno what all that means in terms of comparing the Kindle 3 to the Kindle DX. They seem just about the same with the exception of the much larger screen on the DX.

Something I DO LIKE about the Kindle DX is that it ‘auto-rotates’ back and forth between portrait view and landscape view if you tip it this way or that. The Kindle 3 doesn’t automatically rotate. You can re-set it (easily) for landscape…but you have to take that step. :pout: I’m spoiled, I know…

[B]KINDLE 3 ( [/B]7.5" x 4.8" x 0.335")

[B]KINDLE DX[/B] (10.4" x 7.2" x 0.38")

So automatically, the pdf experience is going to be better.
But, at the greater ($379) cost.

Still…that’s better than $829 for the 64GB ipad with 3G+Wifi connectivity. Drool. :drool:

It’s all about “what ya want and what ya need”. You pays to play. :wink:

Interesting. I think if I was going to go larger than the 6" it makes sense to just get the iPad if one can afford it. What is appealing to me with the kindle is the small size and that it’s lightweight.

That’s funny that it doesn’t auto rotate like the app does. I have mine locked in portrait most of the time which is nice.

Yeah, same here: I like the smaller portable size, the thousands of hours of reading on one charge, and the affordable price of $189 with free 3G + Wifi.

As I said, the Droidx Kindle reader very quickly sucks my battery dry… and I’ll bet the ipad e-reader function would suck that battery dry very quickly as well. Both are really only good for occasional reading when not “tied to” the AC outlet or car charger!