I took a spinning class!

I went to a spinning class yesterday. I had to drive 80 miles to get to it, but it was so worth it. It cost $60 but it was a private lesson and I was there almost 5 hours.

She showed me how to spin on a wheel and on a drop spindle. She had wool that had just been sheared the night before and she showed me how to clean and card it. I preferred spinning in the grease though because it seemed to hold together better for me.

The yarn I made is so not usable, but I bought a drop spindle and 2 lbs of wool. Hopefully with some practice, I’ll actually have a yarn I can knit with. I really liked the wheel, but if I were to buy one, I’d buy the Ashford Joy, and I’m not quite ready to make that kind of investment.

Congrats on your spinning lesson!! Sounds like it was lots of fun! :slight_smile:

That sounds like soooooooooo much fun! I so want to learn the process from sheering to the carding. I can card and spin (not very well, but I can do them) its everything else I want to learn.