I tink

Apparently there’s a term for what I’ve been doing from time to time. When I find a little mistake a few rows back and slowly, stitch by stitch unknit it. It’s called tinking, knit spelled backwards.
Lol! I tink, more often than I care to admit. When I tink in public on the train I secretly hope that my nonknitting seat mate doesn’t realize I’ve made a mistake and am going backwards.
Who knew?? Not me, until now, thanks to the new Summer issue of Knitty mag. Now I know and I can say it proudly… I tink. :thumbsup:


I tink therefore I am!

Think of it as getting more for your money out of your yarn. You can just keep knitting it over and over and over… :happydance:


[I]I tink therefore I am![/I]

I love it… i think i need to make a tshirt that says that!

Sometimes I sits and tinks! :slight_smile:

Lol that sounds rude!


I am a frequent tinker! We need shirts!:roflhard:

I am an expert tinker:happydancing:

Shirts! Apparently great minds tink alike

…and sometimes I just sits. :rofl:

edit: I tinked in public at the Padres game on Sunday.

This thread is hilarious!

Tink you for posting it! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:


Kitting is a beautiful tink! :wink:

Tink-ing is to imagine the way things could be…

Oh so true!!!