I thought the knitting community could help me too

hey guys
I haven’t posted here in a looooooong time
just been checking in a little bit from time to time

mer… sorry :confused:


I’m in a drag competition in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah

if I win, I get money for my next semester of college
I get a place of honor in the Salt Lake City Pride Parade
and I get to promote and participate for a bunch of a events that will benefit the LGBT community of Salt Lake City

please watch my youtube video here:

tell me what you think

and please vote for me at this page (the poll is on the left side of the page): http://www.cityweekly.net/utah/flex-167-2012-miss-city-weekly-pr.html

I compete in the pageant on Thursday, but I get extra points for my online votes until then
so, every vote that I get moves me one step closer to winning

so please make sure you vote for Angela Saxon

It looks like you’re having fun. I hope so. I voted for you. Best of luck.

I voted. Pretty funny video too.

You got my vote. (Sophia needs a shave!:teehee:)

Maybe Sophia is the Bearded Lady? What gets me is anyone walking around in heels like that. It’s painful just to watch. I prefer something more comfortable with my jeans or sweat pants. I :heart: that “The following video is not endorsed by the U.S. government.” The gov’t has its nose in too many places it doesn’t belong.

Good luck! You got my vote (love the video).