I think this is wrong and it awful

I wanted this so much that until half way through, i realised this is too small for me and it is alittle difficult to follow the instructions. As this is knitted top, down and …:hair:

but my colleague seems to like it alot and will probably give it to her and maybe sell her at cost… spend about USD53.00 on this project. :cry:

I think is abit out of shape…

It’s a beautiful color!!

I made a sweater not too long ago and it was too big. It looks great on a gal at work. You can rip it out and start again. I did on my latest, and I’m glad I did. I also splurged on the yarn and wanted to make something for myself out if it. Decide what’s best for you!

That is so frustrating and disappointing! I’m so sorry. The color is beautiful though, and you COULD rip it out and make it bigger to fit yourself. I probably wouldn’t want ti do it since it’s completed, but at least it is an option.

:hug: it is a beautiful color and I think it looks great…

I think it has this retro 60’s A shape to it, you can wear it with a little black dress. The colour is gorgeous, I must say…

It’s lovely!
I guess if you can find a good home for it :slight_smile: you could feel a little bit good about that.

I’m sorry it didn’t turn out how you’d hoped. What did you decide to do?

i might go for ripping it out and redo a new project rather than forgo the yarn.

shall look for a new design for this project!!!

It sure is a pretty yarn. Hope you find a pattern that you like!

You did a beautiful job. I am sorry it didn’t fit you. I would wash it if it is machine washable and then block it instead of drying in the dryer and it should come out alright.

Oh! Don’t’ be so hard on yourself. I know it’s disappointing to make something and have it not come out juuuust right. I just got through ripping out the neck of a kid’s sweater because my son couldn’t even get his head through the neck hole!

And then, he wore it for three minutes, decided it was too scratchy and took it off! sigh I’ll keep it as a “precious knit”.

Hey! If you have a friend that wants it, then I say let it go! So it’s asymmetrical. As Elizabeth Zimmerman (or her daughter Meg Swansen) said, there are no mistakes, only design elements!

I really don’t think it’s awful in the least. I’ll bet you learned all kinds of new things making this and that stands for a lot.

Don’t rip it out, a lot of designers, like Sally Melville, make clothing with hems of different lenghts. Just wear it as if you meant the hem to be different!

It’s always hard when something is all done and you realize it didn’t come out as you wanted it to. The yarn is lovely and you spent quite a lot on it, so maybe you’d like to do another. I don’t know what I’d do. Letting a little time go by sometimes helps me decide on things like this.

That’s what I would do especially since it’s so pretty! I’ve had this kind of thing happen and I have finally decided to frog them and reuse the yarn. Just remember, these things happen to us all.:muah: