I think purling will be the death of me

Hi Guys!
I’m a newbie knitter, and after practing for lengthy amount of time, i had the itch to learn how to purl.
Now, I can knit a whole row, then purl a whole row, and continue a pattern that way, but for some reason, I can NOT do knit 1 purl 1 [ or any vartion of those stitches going back and forth].
when i finish my first row, i can’t even attempt the second row. It looks like i have extra stitches, but I’m pretty sure, its a purl stitch. And If so, I can’t figure out why all of it is a jumbled up mess.
Guys, I’m super confused. All I want to do is start a new project :wall:

Any tips and help would be greatly appreciated! :muah: :hug:

Welcome to KH! The best advice I can give you is to read through the forum. When I started about a year ago, I just poured through everything and learned so much! If you have a specific issue, do a search, and chances are you’ll find a wealth of info because others have had the same questions in the past. As for the extra stitches, there is a sticky on it in the how-to section. Oh – and don’t forget to make use of Amy’s videos- – they are the best!

I struggled with purling to at first but one pairr of slipper socks later i cracked it!
makes sure you always bring the yarn o the front of the needle before doing the purl stitch - leaving it behind is what makes it all lumpy and makes your kniotting ‘grow’ .
K1P1 takes a bti of practice to be able to comfortably but it will come. try not to tighted the stitches to much and keep your wrists and fingers relaxed so you can move them smoothly.

definitely check out Amy’s videos- it can be hard to understand written directions, but her videos make them crystal clear for me. It sounds like you might not be moving the yarn to the front when you purl and back to the back for the knit. keep trying! Marykz

Do you knit continental or throw method? I"m a continental knitter, but whenever I’ve tried the throw method I always get extra stitches when purling and knitting in the same row. You have to be sure to watch each stitch as you put it on the right hand needle – I kept taking the stitch from the row I was knitting into as well as the new stitch. Also make sure you put the yarn from front to back (or back to front) before you put your needle into the stitch. Take your time, be very watchful, and soon it’ll be a lot easier.

When you switch your yarn from back to front to back again, make sure it’s going between the needle tips and not over the top of it. Going over the needle makes extra stitches.


i think i knit what you would call right handed , or english.

Also, don’t go under the needles and what you’re working on with the yarn. That’s what I did during my first attempts. Made an interesting accordian shape.

Thanks for all the help.
I was goofing up on bringing the yarn to the front and back.

thanks so much! :hug: