I think our dog is dying - he's gone : (

Its about 4am and I am sitting up with one of our dogs. Over the summer the vet told us he thought there was a brain tumor that was giving us some funky issues. The old boy (13/14 yrs old) also has Cushings disease but rallied and has been running around like a puppy. Then Sunday night he seemed to have a seizure. The seizures are not epileptic, he just zones out and looks at you as though he’s never seen you before. I haven’t been able to get him to eat more than a few bites of hot dog (to take pain meds) since then. He is drinking water. I woke up to see if he needed to go outside (has not been stellar at holding bowel and bladder the last couple of days) and I think his back end is paralyzed and he doesn’t help me help him try to get up. I put a towel under him in case of any accidents and am sitting her with him and a water bowl on one side and the puppy sleeping on the other. Can’t get him to take the hot dog with the pain meds in it… He has rallied within a couple of days the last few times this has happened so this time is freaking me out. My husband defends for his PhD tomorrow so I hate to wake him if there’s nothing he can do either.

THanks for listening


I’m so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you.

Please let us know how your dog makes out today.


Broke down and woke my husband up around 5:30 b/c the old boy was getting really antsy and I could tell he needed to go outside. Thankfully he will do just about anything for the hubby so we were able to get him up and outside to pee. His back end is not paralyzed, just very wobbly. He came back in and tried to hide under a rocking chair. I’ve had enought pets to know that when they hide in dark places they are not long for this world. The hubby is laying with him right now and I need to go walk the puppy. I don’t know how to even begin to ask him what he wants to do and I know the vets answer.

I’m so sorry vaknitter. I know how hard that is. It was at about the point where their dog couldn’t gather the strength to get up to go out that my mom knew it was about time.

:hug: :grphug:

I don’t really have words. Just wanted to offer a hug. :hug:

Dogs just know when it is time…

Our dog Sarah went in 2006…(she was less then one month away from her 15th b’day)…She was pretty good…I actually had myself convinced that she would live forever…but all within one week, it happened, she withdrew. She stopped eating (and this was the dog that jumped up and licked all the icing off a cake once!) I couldnt even get her to eat pork chop. She could barely stand on her hinds anymore…she would sink…and the sadest thing for me was when she jumped up into her favorite chair, she fell, and didn’t bother to try and get back up.

It is really hard…and I am sorry you are going through it…Dogs really are your best friend! Just spend as much time as you possibly can with him!

big hugs big tearsmore big hugs

:hug: All i can offer is big hugs. I afraid all of who have pets need to face that dreadful moment sometime or another. Hang on there, i’m sure he had a very good life with you and if he goes - he goes to doggy heaven and will be watching you from there :hug:

:hug: I’m so sorry! We went through this last year with my Shermee. I was told that summer that it would get worse…it got to the point where he didn’t seem to know us at all and would growl and try to bite us when we would reach out to pet him (not normal for him)…he would stay in that daze of looking right past you and seeing nothing…it’s very hard to make a decision, I know…my thoughts are with you :hug:

I’m so sorry to hear :hug::hug::hug:

Oh hon, I’m so so so sorry. :verysad: Such a dreadful place to be in your life. While it is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make, you do know in your heart when that time will be. I’m just so sorry. Let us know what you decide to do so we can be here for you. :hug:

:heart: I’m sending you big hugs. As pet owners we all know this time will come, but it’s very hard every time. :hug:

I am so, so sorry. Anyone who has loved a pet knows the pain and we all feel for you.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that the one last gift we give our beloved pets is a peaceful end. That we honor the years of love and joy they gave us by allowing them a dignified end.

Your dog is lucky to have had you. Bless you.


I’m so sorry…will be praying for you…

I’m so sorry. :hug:

:hug:I am so sorry! I’ve been there before and it is heartbreaking. Take care. He is lucky to have such a caring Mom and Dad :hug:


:hug: We’re getting to that point with our 16 year old dog too. It’s just heart-breaking to see him stumble and try to get up, my thoughts are with you. :hug:

I cry just thinking about having to go throught this one day. My heart is with you all. I’m so sorry. :hug: :heart:

So, so sorry. :hug: Such a hard thing.