I think I've had enough

Saw a commercial for “How I Met Your Mother” and thought, “Hey, that looks like crochet-on-the-double.”

lol! wait until you watch the bunny short for “Halloween” and cheer because they left the scene with the knitting needle in :slight_smile:

It’s okay, Mike. Mental illness is actually much more common than most people realize. :wink: It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

hehehe. (That’s hilarious! – but only cuz I’ve done it. smirk)

I don’t know what ‘crochet-on-the-double’ is, but I’m always noticing sweaters on others or on TV. I kind of surreptitiously analyze them… “I’ve seen a pattern like that…”, “those are beautiful cables”, “Ooo I wonder how they did that”…etc. :teehee:

Crochet on the double is done with a tool that has a hook on both sides. I haven’t tried it yet, but am guessing that it’s similar to Tunisian crochet. Tunisian crochet draws up several loops on the hook at once (looks like knitting) and then you crochet them off.

If I had to guess, crochet on the double is the crochet equivalent to knitting on circular needles. (could be mistaken though) :wink:

i’ve tried crochet on the double… found it to be more of a pain than i wanted to deal with :slight_smile:

Cro-double is very much like Tunisian except you turn to work the other side with a different strand.
Crochet one side off and knit it back on, turn and work the other side off and on.

I only saw it for a split second but that’s what it looked like.
It could’ve also been Tunisian.

Found a picture of a Cro-double.

Uses a double ended hook. Standard length seems to be 14 inches. Tunisian typically uses a single ended hook (the other end has a stop like a straight needle).

It dos use a stitch similar to Tunisian simple stitch but you use two strands of yarn, one for each end of your Cro-Hook. Now if you are knitting on circulars with two strands of a painted yarn so your longer rows will have the longer color change just like your shorter row did, then yes, it would be similar to that. I think I remember ArtLady doing a knit cardi with long and short rows using two strands/balls like I just described.

It is also known as Crochet-nit or Cro-knit.

Cro-Hook is a trademark of Boye.

Crochet on the Double is a trade mark of Annie’s Attic

I learned to Cro-Hook back in the late 70’s. It does use the Tunisian simple stitch (at that time we called it an Afghan stitch) and is worked like Mike said above. His picture show the double sided nature of the technique.

:waving: [/COLOR]

Okay, Mike, why have you had enough? Does understanding you post require seeing the same commercial (and knowing crochet is therapeutic for many?) :think:

Thanks Guys! I too know how to do the “afghan stitch”, but have yet to try the double edged sword (so to speak). :thumbsup:

Focusing on the blanket one of the actors is covering up with, even though it flashes on screen for a split second, instead of focusing on the joke they spent the whole commercial on.

Considering watching the episode to see if it was cro-double.

It’s the same and only seems to be confusing about which side you’re working on when you’re not working on it.

And using two colors makes it real easy.

  1. *Sc off in contrast color. Pick up a loop s across in same color, Turn. *repeat this step as long as required by pattern.

Of course the two cro-hok patterns I’ve made were a hat and a scarf. Both are “easy rectangle” projects. ;)[/COLOR]

Mike, you know, you’re really far gone when you post a thread about how you’ve had enough of being so into a craft that you obsess about the craft even in a commercial…and then spend the rest of the thread trying to figure out the item you spotted. :slight_smile: