I think I've earned my knitting stripes

I was feeling pretty confident in my knitting and decided it was time to move beyond scarves. I chose a fairly simple knitting pattern (Anouk) for my friend’s baby (I will try a toy next, but I didn’t want to scare her children with misshapen animals :lol: )

Being a complete newbie, I believed the nice ladies at the knit-in who assured me that the yarn I picked out was perfect and that there was no need to knit a gauge swatch… pffffft! :wall: So I headed back this week and sat down with the owner. Not only am I learning to read a pattern, I learned how to convert an entire pattern to gauge AND knit intarsia for the pockets! I also learned how to fix my boo boos without unraveling… I’m on a roll :happydance:

I think I can officially call myself a knitter :cheering:

Next I plan to conquer the sock! :lol:

Good for you! :slight_smile: Now, where are the pics?

I’m starting over from scratch with my new pattern, but I have pretty intarsia pocket! I’ll post a WIP post later tonight. :slight_smile:

pffffft! is right! Every pair of hands is different, will hold the yarn in a different tension, etc. Always swatch! but I guess you know that now! :roflhard:

Honda C77

Yep~ You earned your stripes~~

but you know what they say… LIve and Learn~ :eyebrow:

Hey—good for you!! I can’t wait to see the picture of that pocket…