I think I'm inside out... What do I do?!

Hello, you amazing helpful people!! :cheering:

I am attempting my first knitting in the round project. I am making longies, which are basically wool pants that fit over a fitted cloth diaper.

I’ll post a link to the pattern in a reply since this is my first post.

I just figured out, HOURS into the pattern (I’m at my first short row, and am having a difficult time understanding what to do), that not only am I confused as how to work on the right and wrong side, but I think I’ve done the whole thing inside out.
A part of me wants to feed it to my dog and never knit again.Do I have to start over?!

Another part of me is ready to do whatever it takes to fix this… :frowning:

What do I do? Can I keep working how I’m working it? (Inside out)?

If I turn it the right way, then won’t I have to knit what the pattern says to purl and purl what the pattern says to knit?

I hope I can just keep going. :pray:

Here is the link for the pattern

I’m trying to attach photos of what I have so far, but am having a difficult time. Will post when I figure it out! :slight_smile:

Go it! Here’s where I am so far.

Specifically on the pattern at: “Now we do a SHORT ROW” I’ve knitted around and placed my stitch markers, but I don’t get how to do this slipping on the right and wrong side when I’m in the round (AND knitting the whole thing inside out…)

You’re going to be turning and purling on the back just for the short rows.

What happens when you flip it? In my head it ends up being fine, but if it means you have to purl the rows instead of knit then you’ve got to make a decision. It may be fine to knit inside out, but you often have to change things in the pattern to make it look right.

In looking at what you’ve posted (second pic) it seems like you can just flip it to the inside and carry on on the outside…does that work? I’ve never knit on the inside although that is a common mistake. :??

Thank you so much for your help!

When I flip it, nothing happens, but I’ve just knitted a full section, so essentially that’s going to be a purl. I don’t want to flip it because I just want to keep following the directions. I don’t think it’ll be a problem to keep going- it’ll just look different than it should. Right?

I’m sorry-- I’m really new… How do I “turn and purl on the back” How do I turn? Do I move the working yarn into my other hand?

>> "Turn your knitting so you are looking at the “wrong” side of your knitting. (How did I do that when I’m knitting in round?)
Is this where I’d flip it inside out??

Welcome to KH!
Following a pattern for the first time and especially as a new knitter, it would be best to work the directions as given. It’s easy enough to grab the cast on edge of your knit piece and pull it through the center of the circle formed by your needles. Now you’re knitting on the outside of the needles with the right side facing you.
Follow the directions for the short rows as given:
"Knit around to the ¾ stitch marker
Move your yarn forward (as if you were going to purl)
Slip one stitch purl-wise
Move your yarn back
Turn your knitting so you are looking at the “wrong” side of your knitting…"
To turn the knitting, turn as you would at the end of a row, that is, switch the needles in your hands, right hand needle to the left hand and left hand needle to the right.

So I’d be knitting backwards? Not all the way around?

Not exactly backwards, but yes, going the other way. You will only be knitting a ‘short’ distance and then turning and going the correct way again. Hence the name short rows.

BTW…short rows are magical! They create shaping as this one does for a diaper butt, for shoulders, length of the back of a sweater, sock heels, etc. Once you get the hang of it you’ll see. :slight_smile: