I think I'm in trouble

Not serious trouble…or maybe it is. :teehee: The DH and I are leaving for a bit of a winter break next week. Do I buy new clothes, shoes or luggage? Oh no, I start looking for new yarn to start a new project while on the seemingly never-ending flight. I have enough yarn stashed to last through years of flights, but am I looking in my stash? Oh no, I’m looking at NEW yarn. :shrug: While out shopping with my GD yesterday I found a set of zippered travel cases for make-up, jewelry and the like. As I was taking them to the counter to purchase them my 5 yo granddaughter asked me, “Which of those will your knitting be in Gram?” Yikes!


I guess your reputation is known to all.


Hope you find some yarn that makes you happy. Have fun on your trip!