I Think I'm In Love!

I just bought my first set of bamboo circulars, 16" for doing a cap for my son… It’s love. I thought I’d just grin and bear it until I could find what I needed in the size I needed, but this brand is so smooth that I have a hard time remembering why I hated bamboo so much.

All you baby. I’d rather stick bamboo under my toenails than use them to knit with.

L O L !
I recently did a swatch on some of my bamboo straights (I have every pretty much every size from when I started knitting) because I was too lazy to unscrew some tips… it was … not as fun as I remembered.

I heart bamboo also! Metal ones are too cold and loud and if you blink, there go your stitches off the needles. Bamboo, on the other hand, warm to the touch, are quiet, stickier, and are environmentally friendly (hey, I’m in PDX; we’re allowed to throw that card!). …And they’re great for toenails.:slight_smile:

I still prefer my Quicksilvers uber alles :slight_smile: But I do remember trying out some bamboo straights a time or three and just hating them. Perhaps it was the brand, but these circs are really making me a happy camper. I really hate doing caps on DPNs.

Not all bamboo needles are created alike! So glad :happydance: you found bamboos that are working so great! :thumbsup: Are Crystal Palace circs “bamboo”? Well, never mind…they also work just great!

What brand did you get???

I just grabbed the Clover Takumi ones in Michaels (it’s also the only brand to be found here in Waco). I just got it because they were 16" and the ONLY 16" cables in the store. I didn’t have any short circs here at home in the size I needed and the Quicksilvers I ordered are on backorder until 3/5.

The feel is very smooth and not at all what I remembered from knitting on bamboo before. Now I won’t be so “I can never find the needles I need” when I need something fast and bamboo is the only option offered.

Last set of Bamboo I owned, (and still own for that matter) would split at the tips. Terribly annoying when you are trying to knit something. Yarn constantly catching.

Given that all bamboo needles are not created equally, (I hear Kertzers needles are good) I am so turned off my original experience, I would never get them again! I prefer my nickle plated anyway!

I like my bamboo needles, too - I have both Clover and Cyrstal Palace. I tend to use whichever ones I can find (metal or bamboo) and don’t really have a preference - except that certain kinds of yarn slide just the right amount on either bamboo or metal. Too much slide or not enough slide is frustrating.

I love my bamboo circular needles, they are Clover brand. The scarf I am currently working on is sliding on the bamboo with no problem. Tyarn I am using is Loin Brand yarn Wool Ease in Navy Blue. The pattern is avariation of the feather and fan. I started my pattern on the row that is normally the 3rd row of the pattern. By doing it that way I have eliminated the ridge you get when you knit the last row of the pattern, I like the more femine look it gave me.

I have several pairs of Clover Bamboo and love them. But have you ever gotten a warped needle? I have sometimes gotten one that’s slightly bent. I like my old old sets of Susan Bates Silvallumes for sock needles usually but for long needles prefer the bamboo. Mostly due to their weight as I have carpal tunnel and arthritis. I bought one pair of Brittany Birch in size 8 and would love to have a complete set. Birch is a stronger wood. Seems like I usually use 7 instead of 8 though.

I love bamboo and I’m dying to try the KA bamboo needles. I’ve got Clovers and Joanns online has their Takumi Velvet ones. Next time I order from there I’m going to get a pair or two and check them out. I have KP fixed circulars and their super pointy tips kill my fingers. I’ve got Hiya Hiya set of interchangables that I love for steel needles as the tips are not killer points. I’ve never had trouble with bamboos splitting my yarn or sticking. They grab just enough to keep my stitches from falling off and since I knit near and on the tip, thats a good thing for me.
Thanks for sharing

I’m just now on my third cap with these and I must say, I’m beginning to get that “grabby” feeling with them. However, it’s not as bad as I remember when using bamboo, so it could just be this yarn.

One more cap and my kids have to start putting their cap requests at the end of my list… sheesh, I should have never let them look at my patterns for caps.