I think i'm in love

:inlove: http://www.jordanapaige.com/knittingbag.html :inlove:

i love purses…i just got my first interweave magazine, and i saw this mentioned in an article…i’m in love. i desperately want one…i guess i have to start saving my pennies…just thought i’d share my new obsession!:inlove::inlove::inlove:

Seeing this post made me feel a little old to be honest… LOL We had those bags in the 70’s and by late 80’s they were considered kitch at best. How fashion comes around full circle! :slight_smile:

Not to mention it costs almost a whole weeks worth of groceries!!!


Love it!


Woah! Cool knitting bag! Which color are you thinking about buying? I like the grape :slight_smile:

i LOVE granny style bags. especially ones that clasp at the top like that.
i’m thinking either the dark red or the blue…i do like the grape, but it’s on backorder… i doubt i’ll get one anytime soon, but if i do, i’ll have to get a cute little clutch purse to keep all my wallet type stuff in. easier to throw that in the diaper bag when needed…
and i’ll have a super cutie purse to carry my projects in instead of my oh so stylish plastic walmart bag i carry with me right now! :roflhard:

yeah i know. i actually anticipating it costing around $200 so i was surprised the price is so reasonable…i’m gonna have to be saving up my $5/week “fun money” budget for a while!!! :pout:

but it’d be well worth it!!