I think I'm going to cry

Well it was too good to be true. There was a big sale at ramwools, I ordered a Denise kit at 10-11:00am Montreal time on the first day of the sale. Turns out it was too late. :pout:

I’m disappointed, because I don’t think I can afford a kit at full price right now. Since I submitted my thesis, my supervisor doesn’t pay me anymore. Of course I still had to pay tuition fees for the winter semester (believe it or not). So I’m officially very, very poor right now.

How come rich people always get what they want, and us, poor people never get anything? :pout: :verysad:

There’s a set inthe buy/sell/swap forum for $35

thanks, jmp3775… :hug: I will contact her. But I’m not in the US, so the price probably wouldn’t be the same to ship to Canada + with the exchange rate… it might end up being too much anyways.

The good news, if you are doing thesis, meaning you are about to get your Master degree? Why isn’t your supervisor paying you? Are you working for him/her?

My Ph.D. actually! :happydance: yes I guess I WILL get a job at some point… It’s probably just a matter of a few months at most until I get a job. But the market isn’t great right now, it could be longer… :pout:

In my field, in general, students get paid as “research assistants” for their supervisor. All it means is that you do your thesis and get paid for it (if profs didn’t do that, they wouldn’t get any students!). It’s really not much, but enough to pay for rent, groceries and tuition. Now I submitted my thesis so it’s a bit normal my supervisor wants to pay other students instead. But I need to prepare the defence and write papers so I can’t really get a job right now. :pout: so things will be rough for a little while I’m afraid.