I think I'm anemic...Update with interesting twist ending (lol)

As the title says, I think I’m anemic. I’ve been awful tired for the past few weeks, been having annoying headaches, and some lightheaded-ness when standing up or bending. I’m going Wednesday morning for a blood test, and I’m at the point where I’m really hoping it is anemia because then at least I’ll know why I feel so crappy, and I’ll be able to do something about it. For the past week or so, I really have not been at top form. Everything just seems to be overshadowed by the fact that I’m just beat.

(And why does it seem that every other time I post here, I’m venting? I guess this is just a safe place or something, so thanks for listening to me. :heart:)

Daughter has just been diagnosed with anemia. She’s having to really increase her iron intake with foods like liver. I would think that protein rich foods like peanut butter and beans would help, too. Hope you’ll find out and get to feeling better soon. No fun being tired and worn out all the time. You deserve a “Poor Baby”! Mary

I hope that’s all it is and you get it cleared up fast. I’m stuck with it for life and the longer it goes an the more wearing it seems to get.

Graham crackers are a great source of iron, even better when you add peanut butter. Apricots too. People never think of things like that for some reason, but there are lots of iron-rich foods. Reading labels at the bulk food store is great for discovering stuff like that.

One last tip: don’t have any calcium (including dairy) within 4 hours of taking iron or you won’t absorb any of it.

I hope your test goes well and it is something simple and easily treated like anemia. I had it when I was a kid, too. :hug:

I’ve been anemic for a while, I just take iron supplements because I find it hard to remember to eat the iron-rich foods. Hope you feel better soon.

I hope your test goes well and they find out what’s causing your problems.
I’ve been anemic for some time, I won’t go into details of why. My doctor told me to take my iron pills with orange juice or some other high vitamin C drink because vitamin C helps the absorption of the iron. Good luck with everything.

Spinach and kale are also good for anemia and if you can get organic produce, even better.

The more food sources you get your iron from, the better off you will be. I know that the supplements are given out by doctors and touted to work well, but there is a reason all these foods have the nutrition we need.

Also, ask your doctor, if you are anemic, if you need to increase your Vitamin C. It helps bind iron to the red blood cells.

BTW, in the ‘old’ days, we gave “iron shots”, they hurt like crazy, be glad those days are, for the most part, gone.

I’m always borderline anaemic - it’s a pain but when I dip into anaemia it’s easily sorted. I had to stop being vegetarian after 7 years because I just wasn’t getting the iron (due to other dietary restrictions), and have been a lot better since. I hope they find the cause and you can get it sorted :slight_smile:

Both my brother and I have been anemic at different times in our lives and we have both been diagnosed as celiacs. For my brother his anemia went on for years, until they finally tested him for celiac disease. When you’re anemic all you want to do is just feel like your old self again. It’s good you’re getting on top of it so quickly.



So, I went to the Health Center today, and I found out that they don’t do blood tests there. Basically the appointment was the nurse asking me my symptoms and doing the whole weight/throat/ears/blood pressure/listening stuff. She thinks it is possible I’m anemic, but I could also have hypothyroidism. Eh, who knows, hopefully it’s something with an easy enough fix. Friday morning I go to the lab to give blood. And then, I get to wait however long for the results. :-\

Well, I’m slowly getting there.

How are you? Care to share the test results?
I was anemic, way back when, but, got it fixed.
It was due to a "woman problem"
I hope you have regained your energy, and are doing well.

Hope you feel better soon.:hug: I just had a bout 4 months ago. When I get stressed, I don’t eat well.:aww: You’d never know it by my thighs.:roflhard:
It’s no fun to be tired, that’s for sure.

Thanks, everyone. Well, I got the test results back a few days ago, and everything came out pretty normal. So, I went to my doctor at home (it’s spring break), and he thinks that it’s just normal second semeseter, end of winter tiredness. He thinks once it gets warmer, and sunnier, out, I should feel better. Which, I guess is good to know, but it’d be nice to be something more easily fixable. I’m thinking it might be partly eyestrain, too.

Hmmm…well, keep an eye on it, just the same.

no pun intended!!

:hug: I know the feeling, the end of Winter is always awful for me too. :shrug: I feel exhausted all the time! The only thing I found is to eat better, sleep well, exercise, and relax. The routine helps me to get through it, and when the Spring comes, I do feel much better. :thumbsup:

Well, I think I might have an answer, actually.

My home doctor took blood for a mono test, and we got the results today. Apparently, sometime between five years ago and yesterday, I have had mono. I don’t have it anymore, but it’s really possible that I had a weak strain of it maybe a month ago and I’m still on the recovery path.

So, way to go school health center. Like my dad said, you would think if a college student has symptoms of constant fatigue for the past few weeks, they would include a mono test. :doh:

Oh well, at least I finally have an idea.

I never trusted my campus health center once my best friends roommate went and was told she had the flu and they pumped her up with all sorts of meds. Turns out, she was pregnant! Duh, isn’t that the first thing they usually ask, “Is there any chance you could be pregnant?”.

i went to my campus health center with pink eye, and i knew it was pink eye before i went. they tried to tell me i had to go to an ophthalmologist because it could be eye ulcers?!? i was like no just give me some eye drops. long story short they wouldn’t so i had to go to the emergency room just for stupid eye drops!

My sis got it when she was 16 and the doctor told her she was just run down and gave her vitamin tablets. My mum went back with her and got a blood test. Was told they’d get the result in 2 weeks. My sis got phoned by the blood specialist in hospital the next day as her platelet count was dangerously low. She’d been taking aspirin which was totally the wrong thing to do!

I had mono as a teen. I remember having to get regular blood tests, and lots of sleep. I pretty much couldn’t do anything, but go to school. It was exhausting!

So since that is a good possibility do get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet to boosted your immune system. :hug: