I think i'm addicted to this site/getting behind on my knitting WIPs - lol

does anyone else have this problem. when i’m not working at my job (which is about 80-90 hours/week - a BIG yuck), i’m on this site A LOT just reading and looking - WOW. what fun.

When i’m not on here, i’m on Ravelry, mostly looking at FREE patterns to add to my stash and plan on knitting.

There’s the big problem. I’m spending so much fun time on both of these sites, that i’m getting behind on my WIPs because i’m using what little spare time i have on here instead of knitting - :roflhard:

oh well, just wondering if anyone else has that problem.

the one good thing is, i’m spending a LOT less time doing housework - lol - isn’t that just awful? Now the time i used to do housecleaning, i’m KNITTING! :woot:

i guess i need to work on setting some priorities/limits…

Hey There,

I can say that I am definitely addicted to knitting these days and am eagerly awaiting my invite for Ravelry (i check the wait list almost every day!) I am not an expert knitter, but most recently I conquered my fear of knitting hats. What a breakthrough for me!

So happy to have sites like knitting help. It has been a lifesaver :slight_smile:

and it’s great fun to share projects and laughs. enjoy

Time just goes when your here…great isn’t it?
And the cleaning will always be there so dont feel bad (I dont)!! x

Ooooooo - I can [I]so[/I] relate!!! I am incredibly behind on laundry b/c I’m either here, Ravelry, or knitting. Bad, bad Lori…

I keep up on laundry… it’s just me, and I do loads between changing sites, lol.

However, grocery shopping & taking out the trash is getting behind…

Iwonder if I could hire someone to take out my trash, I know I can have my groceries delivered…lol But then i have to put them up.

I know, I know, i’m terrible…

Oh yeah, you’re not alone. I am either on here or knitting…or doing schoolwork for my grad program, but that’s an evil necessity.
The laundry has become a mountain. In fact the DBF and I refer to it as such and it has stages. Sometimes it’s errupting and sometimes it’s just smoking, but it’s always there!

yes - no matter what the cleaning will always be there.

laundry is the one thing i do keep up on b/c it’s so easy to stick a load in and go back to work or knitting. good thing my dh doesn’t mind doing the dishes every day (thank goodness) or they would never get done - he even cleans the toilets!!! i’m soooo lucky

i’ve seen mountains of laundry like that - after all i raised 3 kids with cloth diapers - oooohhhhh! and my youngest dd - who is out on her own has your type of mountain of laundry - it just grows and grows…lol

Ok, so maybe I’m not as behind as I’d thought. I didn’t do as much laundry as I usually do in a week. With 5 of us in the house, there’s [I]always[/I] laundry to do. I usually do at least 2 loads/day. Last week I think I only did 3 or 4 loads total. So I guess there’s not [I]mountains[/I] of it, but there is more than there should be. And yet, here I am, typing away…

Well, if I could stick a load in and be done with it, it would be one thing, but I live in an apartment and the laundry costs $1.75 per wash and $1.50 per dry and I have to go into the basement. This entails strategic timing and planning on my part since it opens at 8 am and closes at 10 and they lock your clothes in if you are past that time. I can’t wait until I have my own washer and dryer- I’ll be in heaven!

I always end up putting off doing MY laundry. My DH has to wear a uniform, so that gets cleaned, and my little ones are still so messy that I keep up with their clothes. Mine always gets done last, when there is nothing else for me to wear, and even then I dip into DH’s t-shirts.:teehee: I’d rather be here or knitting than going out anyways. That’s so bad.:oops:

OK… Knitting Help, Ravelry, and Drudgereport… have caused me to put on 10 lbs… the computer time has eaten into my workout time…
I must keep up with everything else…I need to find a way I can browse while on my eliptical machine…(like a stairstepper) any ideas ?

Between Knitting Help and BabyCenter I too don’t knit as much as I could. I just got my Ravelry invite so I’ve not spent too much time over there yet. I love this board, so I know I’ll be here most of the time.:knitting:

i have this problem, bu i have a WIP with me at the computer and i knit while the pages are loading or while looking at a page. I will occasionally put the knitting down and surf for a minute. I get a whole ton done! hope this works for you! :heart:

I’m currently knitting a sweater in the round, reading the posts here and listening to Air America Radio. My hubby just shakes his head as he walks through.