I think I was bored

I found pictures of a bag I did in Tunisian crochet. My granddaughter really likes it. There are ship’s wheel buttons on the front strap ends, star and shell buttons on the “sea floor.” I made it up out of scraps of yarn, lined it with a scrap of fabric I had, and used webbing for the straps. There is no pattern, I made it up as I went along. She seems to think having a unique bag is cool. Thanks for looking.

That looks great! Does she use it for a beach or book bag?

I’m not sure what she uses it for. I do know that it has cat hair on it, I think it shows in the picture even.

I definitely think that having a unique bag is cool! :slight_smile:

What a cool looking bag! You are so creative! I bet she’ll get lots of compliments on it.

I can see why your granddaughter loves it, it’s wonderful. What a great, one-of-a-kind bag.
I just saw the Knitting Daily show that features Tunisian crochet. It looks like such fun to do. What stitch did you use for this bag?

I think it was all Tunisian simple stitch…or knit stitch. I’m not clear on the names, and as there is often more than one name for a stitch the confusion grows. Anyhow, it’s the one that’s basically a single crochet worked in two steps.

Granddaughter was watching me play with changing colors and making a diamond; she was the one who said it would make a fish. Now I know about anchoring stitches when using different colors in knitting, I think there may be a way to do it in Tunisian also. As I recall, I had some really long strands across the back.

Is the Knitting Daily show online and if so do you have a link?

Thank you. I like to think I’m creative, I don’t know. Mostly I just like playing around with things like that. I’m thinking of doing squares with different motifs and stitching them together as a wall hanging ‘quilt’ but thinking doesn’t get it done. I tell myself it’s because I haven’t been able to decide on a theme. :teehee:

This girl just turned 13, has a mind of her own, usually doesn’t get too hung up on what other kids say. BUT, apparently she’s afraid she’ll get teased about it for some reason and doesn’t take it places much. Go figure.

Olha, I’ve seen your pictures, sweaters made sans patterns, most especially the lavender one with flowers on that beautiful little red head. I think [I]you[/I] know how to make unique, creative things!

Since I have immese difficulty staying with a pattern and following it through, unique is necessary here.

That is a very cool bag!! I am somewhat jealous of those who can do things without patterns. :muah:

Thank you.
I’m somewhat jealous of people who can actually follow patterns. sigh

Amen to that!!!

Gorgeous!! That must’ve been fun!

Thank you.
Yeah, actually it was fun. Frustrating sometimes. It was the first time I worked with multiple colors and learning how was kind of challenging. It was satisfying to use up bits of yarn that otherwise were too short for anything and were headed for the trash.

Aww that is so cute.

That must have taken you a very long time to complete! (or else you sat for many hours per day after day)…cuz I know Tunisian crochet. It seems you do each stitch twice, going across a row one way, then back again.
I started an afghan with TC years ago, and ended up tossing it in the Good Will only half done, hoping someone might finish it.

Congratulations on a job well done and completed perfectly. It looks super-cool!

Thank you, Woodi. As I recall it did take a while. It was a lot of experimentation, frogging and reworking. The reason it actually got finished was that a sweet little girl wanted it. After that I found out my DD wanted an afghan I had started, again with left over yarns, in brown and burgandy squares, worked all together with no seaming and I actually finished that. For Tunisian, I think small projects are best. I’ve not yet been able to toss a started project into the Goodwill bag, I wish I could. Kudos to you!

GG, that bag is awesome!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

If this is what happens when boredom hits…then Monet and Picasso must have been bored a lot!

Very beautiful, creative work! I love what you did with your time and leftover materials!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention…
Boredom is the Father of Creativity!

ArtLady, I blame it on the granddaughter it was made for. Funny how a kid that won’t learn to knit or crochet can be such an inspiration. Having seen your pics, I count this as high praise. Thank you so much.