I think I want to learn

I’m considering joining you guys in the world of crochet. I used to do simple granny squares when I was younger, but had to stop, because my hand was aching from the hook and thick yarn.

So, I’m thinking that I would like to learn THREAD crochet. Maybe it won’t hurt so bad? I already have some thin crochet hooks. And I have a BOATLOAD of yarn, so hopefully I have something I can use.

What can you guys recommend for a beginning thread crocheter?

Pad your hook. Usually what is hurting is the tension that you have to hold it with. And the smaller the hook the more i hurts. There are hooks with large handles if you can find them. Or you can just put a couple pencil padders on it… with a tiny one, you may have to wrap the handle with masking tape first.

Possibly the tension, it depends where it hurts. When I had tendonitis the continual twisting motion of my hand aggravated it a lot. You’ll just have to try it out and see how it goes.

Thank you both! Yes, my pain in the past was in my wrist from the constant twisting.

That’s the reason I knit English style.

I’ll try it out with some different hooks and pads, and let you know how it goes. :thumbsup:

I was at Michaels tonight and they have the crochet hooks that have the great big soft handles. Perhaps that would help you??? Good luck!

Pratically everything you see done in yarn (except clothes or things that need a specific gauge), can be done in thread! I like doing crocheted toys (amigurumi) with thread when i don’t want it to be big (like when it’s done with ww yarn).

Also i really enjoy making fridgies, flowers to make insertions on clothes, edgings (i REALLY like doing edgings, even the more complicated ones)…

Hobby Lobby sells a set of crochet hook pads that will fit the standard and steel crochet hook sizes (not the excessively large ones) and they really help me. I find that the hooks slip around in my hand, so I hold really tight, which hurts after a while. These are textured, so the hook doesn’t slip, so I don’t have to hold so tight, especially on the little bitty hooks. They come in a set, to fit a variety of sizes, and I have them on all my hooks. Also, it takes practice… crochet uses different muscles than knitting, or spinning, or sewing, so you have to keep it up. Just do a little at a time, and eventually the soreness will go away!

I use pen/pencil grips on my aluminum hooks. I was lucky enough to get several Boye Comfort Grip Hooks (clear red plastic over the end of steel hooks) on Ebay. Been knitting lately since I finished the crochet slippers and bag and my forearm was bothering me from the twisting motion. It helps a lot if I alternate between crochet and knit projects.

When my wrist is really bothering me, I use an elastic wrist wrap/support. Have had wrist issues for a long time…sometimes so bad that I can’t move my arm at all without pain. Then it’s a couple weeks of no lifting, pushing, or pulling and treatment with ice packs and motrin.

sounds as if ya’ll are trying to choke the hook???
loosen up … relax when doing it.
also depends on how you sit and how your holding the hook.
I flip flop back and forth between pecil style holding and across the plam holding …
especially since I have carpal tunnel.
but learn to relx more … and stop and flex your fingers ever so often too.
learn to sorta set up a rythem with the way you crochet.
for example : only crochet during commercials on tv… watch the show. every 15 minutes … stand up stretch … reach for the ceiling…
walk around the coffee table a few times. But RELAX!!!

There is a line of crochet hooks called Clover Soft Touch, which you can get at/order from Joann, among other places. Those give my wrists a lot less trouble. Come over to the hooker side!

I do this too, and found that it helps. I move my wrist more when I hold the hook pencil style, and have noticed that my wrist is a little more stable, and I don’t need to move it quite as much when I hold the hook “knife” style (you know, like you’re cutting something with a knife?)
But taking breaks, just like with knitting, and flexing your fingers really helps too.

I’ve started working with crochet thread and have found it to be really fun. So far I’ve only used regular sized crochet hooks with it, but plan on trying the smaller size hooks too. :thumbsup:

I was in WalMart today and saw an Ergo dynamic hook with replacable heads that looked like it would be easy on the hand and wrist.

Shandeh … how are you doing with the crochet??? have you attempted any of the thread yet??

I saw that set at AC Moore the other day. Looks interesting!

I haven’t tried yet, but I did look through some crochet books the other day, so I’m getting there! :wink:

I purchased that set at Michael’s and didn’t like it. The hook kept hanging up on my Sugar 'n Creme yarn. Also, the needle wouldn’t go into the handle easily. I returned the set.

I use the little foam grips that are sold for crochet hooks in addition to a soft rubber/silacone pencil grip on top of the foam grip.

I have the Clover hooks and I love them! I can crochet twice as long when I’m using one of those.

I ALMOST bought two of those hooks the other day, but then put them back, because I decided I’d better choose a pattern first. I don’t want to end up with a full set of crochet hooks, and then realize I can’t do the craft. :doh:

So, I’m going to make a decision about something quick and simple to make. Then, I’ll get the right size hook for that project, and give it a go.

I work in Wal-Mart and we sell these in the crafts department.
Provocraft Ergonomic Crochet Hooks
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