I think I’ve made a mistake!

I’m knitting a cardigan for my LG and as far as I can tell I have followed the pattern. But it’s now saying to add stitches on what would be the other side from the sleeve, which doesn’t make sense. Can I just add a row and then carry on or do I need to go back and work out where I’ve gone wrong.

It would certainly help if the pattern had been written with row numbers or a more comprehensive designation of neck edge and armhole edge.
What is the name and number of your pattern and which size are you making (1st, 2nd, 3rd…)?
All of the increases of 3sts are at the armhole edge. If you need to work an extra row before casting on at the armhole, then do that. You’ll finally get to shaping the neck edge which will be at the edge opposite the armhole shaping.

Just out of curiosity, what is LG?

My guess is Little Girl

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That was my guess too.

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Apologies, yes! It’s little girl, I’m so used to writing LG in mum groups it was just habit!

I thought it was all the arm extension, I’ll just add another row.

Will I have to do this on the other side as well so that the arms aren’t different sizes or shouldn’t it be noticeable?

See how the two arms measure. It may or may not be noticeable. Take good notes on where you placed the extra row in case you need it.
The sweater looks good so far!