I Think I Really Hate This sweater really hate it

[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Shoot! Well, as I posted a few months ago I got this bag of pink yarn without looking at it first (internet) and kept looking for a pattern and finally, chose Sonnet at knitty.com and started. and here it is. I think I would feel like I’m wearing a dishtowel. yuk yuk yuk

Then I went & made a mistake, casting off & on well… not at the neck like I was supposed to, you can see where I’m trying to fix it by knitting on some stitches on what is the bottom. I’m so wanting to :frog: just get rid of it.

I also don’t know what the heck to do with 10 balls of this pink cotton! grrrr

It would look great as baby things. If you can’t find anything to do with it and don’t know any girl babies, do it as a charity project. Of course, just looking at it, it is hard to tell, but maybe you could combine it with another yarn and find another pattern that would look better.

I think it tends to be wide. I made the baby version (haiku) and it was very wide. Didn’t remind me of a dishtowel, but I used Bernat Softee Baby for mine.

Hmmmm. It’s not that bad, but maybe not in right now. I’ve got some yarn that works up that way too, kind of nubby looking. That was very popular some years back, but not so much now, and what to do with it. :shrug:

Something for a baby might work as Nonny said. Maybe a blanket. I’m with you on the sweater, I don’t think it’s working. :sad: I’ve got a rather large amount of some bulky, nubby looking yellow cotton that I don’t know what to do with. :eyes: Maybe if I wait long enough it might get popular again. :lol: Do you think I could live that long? :chair:

Shucks! I know exactly what you’re going though. I also wanted to make a baby sweater out of bright red cotton. Halfway through the project it just reminded me of a dish towel, it felt so raggedy and limb.
It must be similar yarn to yours and all I can think to do is either double the yarn or use it in combination with some other yarn. :shrug:

Hi! :waving:

From what I can see, the sweater is going to be beautiful!
I like the color of the yarn! It is really a nice shade of pink.

I think it looks good too.

Wonder if you could double the yarn and make a rug or something. My bathroom is pink and brown :slight_smile:

THANKS for the input! Raggedy and limp LIMP is the exact description. Wow is this thing limp. And it really stretched like crazy. Re the doubling the yarn, you’d have to be an ARM WRESTLER to work with that! It’s already hard to work with, makes me want to run out and buy some thin cashmere or something.

You know, it might make a nice baby blanket. Or even throw for me in the summer…

Hm. (It’s lying over there looking at me…) Thanks again!