I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew


A few days ago I posted about this pattern Now I’m really going through it I’m thinking I won’t even be able to start this project! I know, its lame not to have really read the pattern but just jump in cause the project is pretty! :oops:

So, I’m asking is there anyone would would be able to help me with this? I’m not even sure how to cast on the shoulders! (I’ve never knit shoulders down before) and am really confused on how I would cast on the shoulders from two different balls or the two ends from one ball and knit across how? And that’s only the beginning!

I’m not sure if anyone would go through it with me as my materials aren’t here yet (just so I can understand it before I try to start). The other alternative is if anyone can help me find a free pattern that uses that yarn.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Sometimes–actually MOST of the time–reading a pattern ahead is overwhelming. I always compare it to assembling a bicycle–if you read it all the way through, you’d be overwhelmed with the A’s and B’s and bolts and flanges.

When your yarn arrives, I’d be happy to help you in any way I can, as would anyone else here.

Your best bet to start, though, is to just do exactly what the pattern says, one line at a time. When it says to cast on 12 stitches for each shoulder with two balls, do it. Then it says to work each of the shoulders in stockinette. No problem, right?

For the increases at the neck, make yourself a little chart so you can check off each row and keep track if you like. The neck edge is between the shoulders, as it is on our bodies, so that’s not confusing when you think of it.

I find that directions are easiest to figure out when you have the work up to that point in front of you. Give it a shot–we’ll get you through!

I’m with Ingrid. I almost never read a pattern before I start. And with her help, and all the other great people here, I’m sure you’ll get all your questions answered. (I’ll help when/if I can.) The longest journey and all that… :thumbsup:

Thanks Ingrid! I feel less stressed knowing someone is willing to help me : ) You do make it sound very doable… BUT (I know, I know, wait till I get the yarn and needles…but I’m curious :smiley: ) when I cast on the two shoulders with two different balls of yarn or the two different ends of one ball… when its time to knit across I guess I would pick up the yarn closest to the end to knit across right? In my mind I’m seeing that I’ve cast on these stitches for the shoulders and then knit across them they will be very close together for shoulders no? What would be the point of casting on in that manner if I’ll just be knitting across them as if I’d cast on all the stitches “regularly”?

When they’re saying ‘knit across’ in the first section, they mean knit across one with it’s strand, and then knit across the other with it’s own. After that you do the neck increases which will add stitches between the shoulders and work the V neck. At the bottom of the V neck, you’ll join the sides with one of the strands–the one you start that particular row with–and continue knitting with only that strand. The other gets cut.

And the lightbulb goes on! Thanks for clearing that up for me!

Horve1, thanks in advance for your help too!

Ok, now I can’t wait to start! LOL!