I think i messed up... :(

i’m making socks from silver’s sock class (which i decided to use after everyone talking it up on here) and i think i messed up. i’m at the very end, where you’re doing the decreases to form the toe, right before you actually stitch it up. and it said to “continue rounds 1 and 2 until you have 24 stitchs” (the round where you where do the decreases, and then just a knit round). it said you should have 6 stitchs on two of the needles, and 12 on the other. i kept going, counting pretty much by the two needles with the six, only to realize that when i was done, i had 6 on both needles and NINE on the needle that i was supposed to have 12 on. :think:

i’m ganna go back and frog it a bit, to see what i’ve done wrong, but i was wondering, are they all supposed to reach those stitch counts at the same time, or will the middle needle reach 12 before the other two reach 6 and i’ll have to just keep knitting straight across the middle needle to keep from decreasing anymore?

I’m sorry you are having trouble with it…socks do use different #s at the toe but they all end where the needles equal…

You could have picked up to many sts, decreased to much, or not enough on the gusset…I would frog back to the point you start the toe and count your sts…it could also be that you just missed decreases on the toe rounds somewhere…:thumbsup:

Frog back to where you start the toe decrease. You should have 64 stitches at that point. 16 stitches on needles 1 and 3 and 32 stitches on needle 2.

You will be decreasing by 4 stitches on each decrease round.

It is so easy to start the toe decrease and then have to walk away from it and when you come back you forget if you are on a decrease or an “even” round. Always make sure that you do at least 2 rounds so if you have to put it down you’ll know what you’re on when you come back to it. Like, do the decrease and the “even” round. Finish for the evening (or whatever) and you’ll know when you come back you’re on a decrease round. Never stop knitting in mid-round. That’s probably how you ended up with 9 stitches on needle 2.

Or, you could have done what I do all the time. Start knitting and forget (honestly forget!) if you’re on a decrease or even round and end up doing half and half. Incredibly frustrating!