I think I meet my match

:thinking: I learned to knit through Amy’s videos and I have kinda just jumped in to knitting. I took a beg. knitting class just finished up cause you had to have it to move onto the Adv. Beg. Knitting class… I am hoping this Wed. I will learn some new stitches… I have pretty much just went and started whatever I wanted to and figured it out as I went through Amy and Brendajosos LOL buttttt :crying: I started using DPNs today and I don’t understand… maybe its cause the kids are up and running through the house and my youngest is mad cause I have knitting in my hands but waaahhhh when my teacher showed me cause I told her I wanted to start socks and a handbag that the supplies have been sitting there since May she said ok I’ll show you… It looked so easy but grrr… I think I’ve met my match… I don’t think I can do this without one on one… so I put it up till later tonight will give it another try with Amy’s videos ready to gooooo… However, then I get out my 365 knitting stiches yep Brendajos I’m still on Friday my first block LOL and WAAAAHHHH it won’t come out right either… I had to look up psso and sl 1 which I think I’m doing it right but it says repeat from * to last 7 stiches and so when I get to the last 7 and I’m not there in the pattern I’m like what do I do?? Stop and just go do what it says to do?? Maybe its just not a knitting day… Maybe its a relax from knitting and tomorrow it will again make sense to me… :verysad: Ok thank you for listening to me whine pass the cheese please… gonna go outside and SWING :smiley:

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time!!! (((((((HUGS)))))))

Take a look at my sock tutorial. I hope it helps you out a little while you’re trying to master those scary DPNs!

Well Yesterday I just sat and did knitting in my free time and the DPNs started to make sense to me… but that July 22nd still won’t come out so I just moved on to the next day :shifty: figured in a year when I get back to July 22nd I should be able to do it :roflhard: