I think I have knitting ADD

I’m not even done with my first project (a set of placemats… and I’m not even done with the FIRST one yet!) and already I want to move on and work on a baby blanket for my baby cousin who will be born in less than 4 weeks! :inlove: There is no way I’ll be done with it by then even if I started today, so someone please talk me off the ledge here… Lol.

Why, you’re turning into a normal knitter. A new different pattern comes along and you go ‘ooooh pretty’ and can’t wait to start it. Also known as ‘startitis’…

If you knit the baby blanket with heavier yarn and larger needles, you just might be able to finish it in 4 weeks - the placemats can wait!

Lol! You weren’t supposed to encourage me! :rofl: Now I’m tempted to go buy some yarn after work and my boyfriend is going to yell at me because yarn is not in my budget… :waah:

I can’t imagine life w/o at least 2 or 3 yarn projects in process. I’m currently working on leg warmers and a crochet afghan that I must finish, planning my next sweater, have a knit scarf in process, plans for my next sweater and the sweater after that, and who knows what other crochet and knit projects that aren’t at the top of my mind at the moment. It gets worse, believe me. Recently I got really lucky and found yarn at JoAnn Fabrics and they had 40% off coupons … I restrained myself and only bought yarn for the current must-get-done sweater but the bag of yarn for a couple of bucks at Goodwill came home with me and I have to decide what I’m doing with that. Have fun!

It’s really YOCD…yarn obsessive compulsive disorder, the 2 main forms being crochet OCD and knit OCD. Hopelessly incurable, gets worse and worse, never better so you might as well enjoy it. :roflhard:

Oh no! I’m screwed then! :rofl: How do you guys get stuff done?! Ever since I picked up knitting, I’ve let my pile of laundry just get bigger and bigger, and my clean laundry from 2 weeks ago is still sitting on top of the dryer! Instead of doing chores when I get home from work, I’d much rather knit. I only cook and keep the kitchen semi-clean so that my boyfriend won’t starve, but the rest of the house is a mess. Haha, oops.

I’m mad I missed that yarn sale at Joann’s! I knew about it, but forgot to go. :pout: But the good news is, my boyfriend’s taking me yarn shopping tonight so baby blanket, here I come! :woohoo:

A clean house is a sign of a sick mind.


Cleaning is for people who don’t knit…!

Have you ever come to the wrong place to be talked out of (a) starting a new project or (b) buying more yarn!

Ugh! You’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re wanting someone to talk you out of starting another project [I]here[/I]! Knitters and crocheters usually have more UFOs (unfinished projects) than they can count. And yeah, it’s tough finishing things sometimes, but deadlines help a lot, as do the inspiration you get from seeing other people finish projects (yes, some of them DO finish–even me every once in a blue moon).

The main thing is have fun, and if that means you skip other “fun” stuff on the budget to buy yarn, you let your house fall down around your ears, and your laundry stacks up, well then, so be it! (Remember that deadline I was talking about? Well, not having anything clean to wear until you finish knitting something might be a good one!)

Um yeah…definitely barking up the wrong tree. :roflhard: It’s a disease. :lol:

It has taken me a whole lot of will power to not knit when so many other things need to be done, Im learning ‘halvies’, Ill fold half that pile of washing and then Im allowed to knit, today I did half my tax, now I can play on the knitting forums and knit. The only ‘fully’ I have is dishes…only because my other hobby is cooking but even thats gone to the way side! This week Im planning on using up freezer left overs, not because I have to but because I went to lincraft yesterday and bought my first set of circulars, I want to start on a small blanket, and my first cardigan. What was the point of spending that hard earned cash if Im not going to knit. :mrgreen:

If you’re truly serious and truly concerned about the condition of the house and the laundry (I personally am a laundry freak and a sanitation freak, so I “get it”), a little wind-up timer is wonderful.

Set it for maybe 10 or 15 minutes (my fave number is 12) and do housework/laundry for that length of time. Then set it for the same number of minutes and knit/crochet/quilt/whatever creative activity you have promised yourself.

Repeat as needed. :slight_smile:

I [/I][B]Helpful Tips:[/B]

–[B]Jobs which earn money[/B] to purchase knit/crochet/quilt/whatever supplies [B]must come first[/B], so clothing to wear to said jobs must be kept in order.

–No sense in spending hard-earned money buying lunch while at work or purchasing coffee drinks ($3.95 to $4.45 where I live!) when that moolah could purchase knitting needles, crochet hooks, or yarn. Therefore, keep [B]easy-to-pack lunch items[/B] on hand and caffeinated sodas if it’s too difficult to prepare your own coffee in the morning before leaving for work. (Besides, have you seen how many calories are in those coffee drinks? OMG.)

–If available, [B]public transit[/B] can save you money vs. driving (gas is $3.779/gallon this week where I live, and that’s the [B]least[/B] expensive price). The time on public transit can be used for–you guessed it–knitting and/or crocheting. :slight_smile:

–If public transit is not available or the schedules are just too horrible, consider a [B]carpool[/B], even if there’s only one other person in the carpool. This cuts the gas expenditure in half and gives you five out of every ten workdays to knit/crochet to and from work, as long as there’s daylight. I need hardly say that it also reduces the wear and tear on your car and your nerves!

–You’ll also want something drop-dead simple to put together in the mornings for [B]breakfast[/B] so that you aren’t tempted by the 10:00 coffee and doughnuts expenditure (be strong and tell yourself “no; more money for yarn”). My favorite is a smoothie: put 8 oz. milk or juice in the blender, add 1 or 2 bananas, whirl; add 2 Tb. milk powder or other protein powder, whirl again. Done! In maybe 40 seconds. If I want to get “fancy,” I add a piece or two of toast.

DCM (in previous lives, a teacher and a professional organizer; can you tell? :wink: )

Great advice DCM, and Im definately going to try that timer idea!! :thumbsup:

The rest Im lucky enough to have covered, I refuse to drive in Melbourne traffic so public transport is my way of getting from A to B unless hubby is needed for larger shopping trips.

I work part time, so I have a lot of spare time. Because of that I am tight as a fishes earhole, its a choice, I prefer to be a homebody than a slave to the system. Thats not a choice for all though and I understand that. Because of my lifestyle choice Im always looking for specials and am thinking about obtaining wool from thrift shops (sweaters etc) and unravelling to save a few dollars, I also look for knitters stash donations to thrift shops. I have a habit of putting all of my loose change from my purse in a jar and after a few months take it to the bank, pop it in the weighing machine, hey presto $50 play money that nobody missed. The change in the jar is also handy for bus and train fares.

I don’t eat breakfast either but only because Im a smoker and have the nasty habit of tea and nicotine to get me through til lunch. :aww:

Do you have Michael’s near by? You can print out their 40% off coupons anytime http://www.michaels.com/c/103011-IA-CAN-CFC,default,pg.html

Technically, you would have to go to the store every day and use one coupon a day for each ball of yarn (if you need more than one). But for just one item, like needles or one ball of yarn, it’s convenient.

You guys are too funny!! I guess next time I need someone to talk me out of a project, I WON’T come here! :rofl: Since you guys twisted my arm, I went ahead and bought yarn last night and started my baby blanket! I’m committed to finishing it by the time the baby gets here, which means I’ll have to put in at least 2 hours of knitting every day (with 4 on each weekend day) at the rate I’m going if I even hope to finish it in time. Wish me luck!! It’s so much fun! cloud9

DCM, those are great ideas. I’m definitely trying out the timer thing tonight (I MUST do laundry!). As for the saving money for yarn stuff, I’m already doing all that! I never buy lunch or coffee in the morning, I always make my own and I cut spending wherever I can. My boyfriend devised this pretty cool way for us to track our spending on excel, so whatever money I don’t use for necessities, I quickly move it over to my yarn budget. :slight_smile:

Olha, there’s a Michael’s like 10 mins away from me, but I had no idea you could print out coupons anytime! I got a coupon in my email yesterday for signing up for their newsletter, and totally forgot to bring it with me when I went to buy yarn last night. I guess I’ll just have to go again! :wink: Thanks for the link!

:roflhard: In that case I have an extremely healthy mind. :teehee:

I’m working on a hooded baby blanket for my first niece(due in February!!)…A couple rows a days seems to be working well…

I’ve also got a scarf and a bag in process.

I was working on some flowers but got bored with those.

I made a quick rose for my sister today because I had already worked on the blanket and scarf. =D

It’s a cold day, I’m getting over a bug, I’ve finished the leg warmers for my GD, don’t have a major knitting project going…now what? Scrap yarn and experiment! I’m just about done with a chihuahua sweater, making it up as I go along, I hope it works out OK for the little mutt. Ideally it will fit my GS’s puppy, the scrap yarn was left from his sweater and they can match. :slight_smile:

Wanda, I guess that I too have an extremely healthy mind. :roflhard:

I’ve heard people call these UFO’s… un-finished objects :wink:

Hopefully you’ll find your motivation soon!