I think I got it!

I think, after 4 attempts, I got it. My messups came from not listening and watching every little detail of the stitches and where the yarn went, front or back during knit and purl!!:woot:
I have 12 rows and only 53 to go :teehee: But, it looks pretty cool now and not slim at one end, fat at the other and missing stitches and too many loops. Thank you to everyone that saw my posts. I found an extra loop a couple of times, but, I’m looking each row and when I find one, I will go through my next step, I get to the double loop and drop the one that doesn’t belong and it does like it’s suppose to:thumbsup:

good job Texas! you caught on fast! it took me AGES to master the knit stitch! i wasn’t doing good knit stitch until about 2 weeks after i learned to knit and i couldn’t purl until a month ago! wow! :yay:

Glad to hear you figured it out!! :woot: I taught a friend to knit and she was doing the same thing, getting wider and wider-she was knitting the last stitch twice on every row…but he got it too, finally!

Good luck, and I hope you’re going to show us when you’re done!

I get fustrated a lot, but, I learn thing pretty quickly when my mind is set for it.

yeap, I’ll post it. It won’t look the same as the pattern is for a solid color and I liked the multi color that I got. Not sure if the picture will show because of this or not. We’ll see.

BTW, how long until the caluses get here?? My finger tips are about raw. LOL

Great work gal! :woohoo: Post some pics!