I think I dropped a stitch

I am making a scarf of k2p2 pattern and then knitting the purls and purling the knits. I looked away from my scarf for a second and felt a loop or something go loose. I thought I put it back on and kept going but now that I am on the next row I see a bump sticking out of the scarf. Are there any inks for a demo of how to fix this? Thanks for any help or suggestions!


Try this link and scroll down to fixing mistakes. If you’re only on the next row, it should be fairly easy to fix.

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How do I know when I’m on the right spot to pick up the stitch and how do I know if it is a purl or knit? Thank you I’ve been here before but just hadn’t been back in a while :slight_smile:

The easiest thing to do is to un-knit (tink) the row up to the mistake. Pull the working yarn out stitch-by-stitch as you put the sts back onto the left hand needle. You’ll know you’re at the dropped st because you’ll have a bit of a gap. You could also mark the bump that you see with a pin or st marker because that may well be the stitch you want to get back onto the needle. The link that GG gave is a good one to look at for this kind of repair.
You can look at the pattern on either side of the dropped st or look at the row below to see whether you should knit or purl the st

Here’s what knits and purls look like.

If it’s a knit stitch (the smooth V’s) then you’ll fix it on the knit side. If it’s a purl then you’ll fix it from the back or bumpy side. Grumpy Gramma posted a link to the video.

I think I picked up the stitch properly but if I do that I then have an extra stitch somehow! What in the world did I do lol…!

A picture would help. It may be that you didn’t drop a stitch but have a hole from an accidental YO which would add a stitch.

I’m not sure if it was the yarn over that got me but I back stitched two more rows and I think the gap is gone!!! :woot: Thank you so much guys for your help and suggestions!! This forum has helped me more than once! Thanks again!!! I need to get another camera, my son dropped ours and the screen is covered in stripes.

I back stitched two more rows

That is called tinking. The word “tink” is the word “knit” backwards. You’ll probably see that again. :wink:

Also…good job. We ALL have to tink sometimes. Sometimes it’s just a few stitches and sometimes it’s a few rows. :lol: