I think I did it wrong

I’m knitting my first pair of socks, and the instructions said K4 P4, and I took it to mean "knit 4 rows, then purl 4 rows) simply because when I tried to knit 4 then switch to purl in the same row, the stitches got messed up. Do I need to start over :oo: ???

Yes, start over.

K4P4 is K4 stitches, P4 stitches…you’re making ribbing. Make sure you’re bringing the yarn between the ndls… NOT over…when going from K>P or P>K.


Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of…rips out stitches SIGH.

This is tough!

Take a look at the ribbing videos on this page; when ribbing, you have to knit and purl in the same row, and these videos show how to do it. The “english” (blue) video is more deliberate in showing how the yarn moves. The seed/moss stitch video shows the same thing.