I think I am addicted, borderline obsessive


Wow! Your lucky, I would love to score some yarn at that cheap of a price!!


OK - I’ll tell my BF you said so :roflhard:

Well, my son just found out about the sale when he and his drama teacher were buying fabric for some stage props. I have no guarantee that the yarn isn’t completely picked over by now, but my DS’s knitting GF and I are going over right now :wink: I knew my DS had good taste :thumbsup:


“The only thing I do faster than knitting is cleaning. Since I don’t want to live in squalor, I’ve researched or figured out every cleaning shortcut there is and even invented a few more. I have also become a master delegator!”

ROFLOL!! Okay Ruthie, spill!~ how can we get the housework done FASTER??!!

Enquiring minds want to know :mrgreen:


I agree - Ruthie needs to start a new thread and spill the goods on fast cleaning tips so all of us can keep a clean house and get back to our knitting sooner!:thumbsup: :rofl:


Here, here…I’m ALL for cleaning shortcuts!! Bring 'em on!


Knitting is addictive. I learned on 2 needles when I was 9 and about 4 years ago, I learned the 4 needle method and how to make socks. I think that knitting in the round is much more addictive for me. I have yarn stashed behind my chair so it’s always in reach when I finish a project.

My husband was laid off 2 months ago so he’s had nothing but time and has spent a lot of his time cleaning the house, which leaves me more time to knit! PERFECT!

He also has learned to ask when I’m finished with a row or how much more of the row do I have left. Depending on the answer he proceeds with a question.


Hi! :waving:

You guys are so funny! :roflhard: I didn’t know I was opening a can of worms with the fast cleaning remarks, but I’ll play!

I’ve already had more fun on this site than the law allows, but something tells me there’s lots more to come!

The “Clean Fast, Knit More” thread will go up this morning! :roflhard: And I hope you’ll all be regular contributors!!!

Happy Knitting and Fast Cleaning!

Ruthie :clink:


Is there a problem with this? :wink: :teehee:

It is addicting, and it’s strange if I don’t knit at least once a day…


I always get addicted when I’m learning something new. Right now I’m in the stage where I’m watching videos about Magic Loop and double sided knitting and going, How cool! I really look forward to spending an hour in the evening watching TV and knitting. During the day, when knitting crosses my mind, I have to tell myself, The sooner you get it done, the more knitting you can do.

I also tend to cool my jets once I’ve finished a couple projects, so we’ll see how long I last. If I learn to knit and read at the same time, I’ll be emptying the yarn shops with the rest of you.


:roflhard: Wow! I thought that I was reading about me when I opened this. Down to the ignored housework and the three year old.

I think my husband is seriously thinking he is a “knitter’s widower”.


I know I am addicted and I just started knitting. Unfortunately, I have to spare time for my housework, or else my knitting time will be taken away. :waah: Knitting is just so fun and relaxing. I love it. :x:


lol, I’m a new knitter myself, but I thought I was the only one that was obsessed with it… I swear its the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep and the first thing when I wake up, I think I’m in love :stuck_out_tongue:


I am pretty much the same way. My house has not been near as tidy since I started. I haven’t been as addicted lately, it got better with time. I didn’t do any knitting yesterday, but had other things to do. It is still my favorite pasttime; esp when it is cold outside. I can sit in my pjs with a throw on the couch, drink hot tea, and just relax and knit.


I find knitting gets MORE addictive as you get older… you get better at it, can do more interesting stuff, you have more patterns, more time, maybe a bit more money for yarn. I’ve knitted for about 10 hours today (trying to finish a major project so I can do something else!)


I love to sit, stick my nose in a book, and often have some simple minded hat going at the same time Or the tops of socks.

Addictive?? No way. Just because I’m a great walker and now can’t do that because I broke a toe last night, think of all the things I can finish.

And there’s always something new to learn. Always.

If this is addictive, I’ll take it.

My grandmother taught me eons ago (in the late 1950s for a guess) and I’ve never tried to break the habit. Why would I??