I think I am addicted, borderline obsessive

:knitting: I am sure to you seasoned knitters out there, this is old news, but I just can’t beleive how addicting knitting can be. Seriously, its all I think about most of the day, and when i am here at work, all i can think about is getting home and starting/finishing a project. When I hear that someone I know is pregnant, the first thing I think is WOOHOO, not becuase they are expecting and what joy that will bring to them, but I am thinking woohoo I get to knit a hat and booties!! :woohoo: Alot of my housework has taken the back burner and needless to say my house is a mess, but once I pick up the needles when I get home, I cant seem to put them down. I find myself staying up extra late to get in more knitting hours when I should be sleeping. This morning, I was in the kitchen sitting at the table (and knitting of course) my 3 year old was in her room playing and after a little bit she came in to the kitchen and said “mommy, I knew you was knitting” lol… poor little thing, I need to make sure I put some time aside for her when i am up to my neck in yarn and needles. Just wonder if it stays like this or if the “new” will wear off at some point??

Aww… that must have been so sweet when your 3 year old said that…cloud9

Hmmm… I would not expect the symptoms to go away, and they might worsen!:thumbsup: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :rofl:

I do find myself doing more knitting in the winter than the summer; the nice weather takes me outside (where I set up a rocking chair on the deck… and… knit)…:mrgreen: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

I find I go in phases. I definitely knit less in the summer when it’s 100 degrees out and there’s camping and fishing up in the mountains to be done. I also sometimes get uninspired and just don’t feel like it, but that never lasts for very long. I do find sometimes I have to force myself to put the needles down and get some sleep!

One thing I would tell you–take breaks and do stretches every so often so you don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hubby thinks it’s because I’m older and really fit the description of the little old lady in her rockingchair knitting… (be a while before I knit him anything… LOL)
Be that as it may… I am hooked also.
As for housework… it will always be there no matter how much time I put into it but knitting produces something new everyday.
:knitting: [/COLOR]

Knitting addictive? No way.

Just a second, have to finish this round.

Ok, am back. Anyway, there’s no way knitting is addictive.

Just a sec, dropped a stitch while trying to knit and type.

Ok, am back. Knitting is just a pleasant way to pass the time when there’s nothing else to do.

Just a sec, need to switch colors.

Ok, am back. Really now, addictive???

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Nah it’s not addictive. I’m sure it will wear off eventually. I’ve only been knitting 30+ years and I’m sure any decade I’ll get tired of it. My husband and my dogs know better than to ask me to do something immediately when I have knitting in my hands. They just hope it’s a short row so they can get my attention.

I had no idea that knitting would be so addictive. Much to my husband’s dismay, who is normally complaining that my nose is always stuck in a book. Now he asks if I’m going to knit all night, :teehee: I’ve only been knitting for 16 days and I find myself, knitting every spare second I get! I’m so glad my 3 year old son still takes naps in the afternoon.

Addicting? Yes. I needed a fix this afternoon and knitted up a dishrag.
I feel better now!

My sister bought me a little decorative pillow that says, "If I’m sittin’, I’m knittin’.

I have found that is not at all true.

I am able to knit standing up. I made a nifty little gadget that hangs on my belt and holds the yarn.:wink:

I have not figured out how to do housework and knit at the same time, so the house is not spic and span, but my knitting is nice.:yay:

LOL We truckers have a phrase about driving “Riding and guiding”. I added to that and it goes “If I’m not riding and guiding I’m sitting and knitting”

I am with all of you on this one!! I knit everyday!!
My stash is getting bigger and bigger. I buy yarn when I don’t really need it, but it’s a great deal!!!
I will never stop though, I enjoy it so!!
I love having projects and its so pleasing to hear, You made this!!


It is indeed very addicting…lol…However, I do go through my phases…Sometimes I get so obsessive about knitting it’s like I’m going through a drug withdrawal or something if I’m not knitting, but, there are other times where I feel like, eh, I’d rather focus on my writing or photography for a while. I guess that’s the great thing though about having many hobbies; if you start to get burned out on one, you have more to fall back on…lol

Oh jeez speaking about buying yarn when you don’t really need to, I just found out that one of the Joanns near me is closing and everything is 60 % off!!! I just got a bunch of yarn, but I GOTTA GO!!! :roflhard:

Loved Knitting_Guy’s response to your question! Thanks for the laugh! :roflhard:
For me the addiction goes in fits and starts, I always knit more when I am trying not to smoke so there is usually a source for my compulsive knitting.
I do have to agree with you on the baby announcement front - I am not the sort of girl who is generally too excited about my friends having babies (I get a bit thrown by it usually) but since I took up making blankets for the babies (and hats, booties etc) I am able to channel my excitement about the upcoming project into what I get across to them and I sound like a more supportive friend.
Buying yarn… that is a real problem addiction for me :wink:

Mee too is also an addict to knitting, when start a work i want to finish it asap even if i hve to go to bed very late, thats doesnt matter to me …all that i care is that ia am satisfied with the work

Hi! :waving:

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the more you learn about knitting the more addictive it is.

And there aren’t any halfway houses that I know of for “recovering knitters”. We don’t recover. We just knit faster.

When you’re a bona fide knitter, you’ll knit almost anywhere. The bathroom, which was once my “library” is now sometimes my quiet knitting retreat.

During the last election the lines at the polling place were very long. Normally that would have been very stressful for me, but I had a tote bag over my shoulder with my yarn in it and my needles were busily clicking away while I crawled along in line.

I start getting jittery when all my needles are empty. Periodically I have to have my yarn “fix”, even if I’m not planning a project for it right away. I’m usually up by 5 am so that I can get in a couple of hours of knitting before the day kicks into gear.

The only thing I do faster than knitting is cleaning. Since I don’t want to live in squalor, I’ve researched or figured out every cleaning shortcut there is and even invented a few more. I have also become a master delegator!

My husband is now trained to preface his comments to me with “When you’re finished that row…”. He’s also a very good cook so we manage to stay reasonably well fed.

Knitting is magic. And magic SHOULD be addictive! I’ve knitted gifts for my whole family and it’s to the point now that if I buy one of them a gift they think I don’t love them anymore!!!

So just consider your knitting needles as double-barreled magic wands and keep making that magic! :yay:

And if you ever hear of a treatment for knitting addiction, I don’t want to know about it!!!

Ruthie :hug:

I’m just sitting here laughing at everyone’s posts!

What I hate is how much real life (work and driving my kids around) interferes with my knitting! When I’m working (I sit at a computer all day), I’m stealing peeks at KH.com and Ravelry and occasionally someone’s knitting blog. :slight_smile: I’m addicted, too.

Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to pick up some extra work or if I want to spend my day knitting. Now I know I should work, but I want to knit…

I am lol at all of your responses!!! It is soo true!! This is the first hobby I’ve had that I can just pick up and take with me wherever I go and I am sooo incredibly happy about that!! I am a terrible backseat driver, so my hubby is glad that now I knit and leave him alone when he is driving lol! And now I dont mind at all when the wait at the dr’s office is so long. :woot:

ruthieinmaryland your post cracked me up!! My hubby is starting to get a little bit of knowledge of the craft too, when i am in the middle of knitting and he needs me to do something, I keep telling him “wait till i finish this row” and now he says the same thing to me when I am knitting, “when you finish that row, can you help me with this?” LOL… he has actually accused me on several occasions of starting a new row after the fact, but i would never do that!!!:eyebrow: :—

So, knitting guy, you are a truck driver??! Cool! I work for a truck driving company, so I am all about truckers! They rock! :slight_smile:


60% off?

That does not qualify as ‘buying yarn when you don’t really need to.’ !!
At 60% off, you [I]need[/I] all the yarn in the whole store!:roflhard: