I taught someone to knit!

I went to Seattle this weekend to visit and on my way home, in the airport, I met a very nice family. It was a young girl, her brother and her grandma. They saw me knitting and the grandma commented her grand daughter was trying to learn to knit but the books were confusing.

I had an extra set of needles and extra yarn so I invited her to sit with me and I taught her to knit! She was about 14 and so cute! I taught her long tail cast on and to just knit. She really enjoyed it and was so excited to go home and try to knit herself! That was a really good feeling.

I told her about this place and to come on and join and anyone could help her because you are all so nice on here!

Great trip by the way, and not one single problem with taking the needles on the plane!

What a great experience! I’m glad the airport people didn’t give you any troubles.

That is very cool!
She’ll remember that always.