I taught my sister to knit.... (((help and question)))

She’s almost 9… I taught her to knit in about 40 minutes, and now she’s happily garter stitching along. cloud9 :flirt:

The help:

I really really realllllllllyyyy want to do the Masters knitting program. Really. But I don’t have $300 right now. Just a minor technicality… lol

But I liked Presents Knits idea of designing their own masters program. BUT her program is a little too… hmm, well, my family is REALLY conservative. And not everything on her list would go over so well.

So would you all help me design a masters program for myself and to teach my little sister?


I don’t even really know what it is and who is Presents Knits?

Jan I am pretty sure this is what she is talking about.

Couldn’t you just do everything on her list that you and your family would be OK with. You could definitely find other patterns to substitute for the ones that don’t work for you. I’m sure between us and a Ravelry search you could find great subs!

Why would anyone spend $300 on that program? :??

Making up your own list sounds like a lot more fun … and cheaper.

Also, maybe I missed something, but what does knitting anything on that list have to do with being conservative? Just wondering…

I don’t see anything that would be unacceptable there. :shrug:

Nor do I. ???

Like tank tops, flashy scarfs, that kind of thing. I know most people wouldn’t have a problem with things like that, but my family is somewhere between super super super conservative Baptist and Mennonite. :slight_smile: Thanks for the ideas!

Well you could substitute a little. Make vests (worn over shirts or blouses) instead of tank tops, and plain scarves with different stitch patterns - lace might not go over, but would cables be acceptable? And for lace, maybe curtains or a tablecloth instead of something to be worn.

Yeah, I think Suzy has the ticket! :thumbsup:

:yay: Great ideas Suzy!
Would a tank top under something still be unacceptable? I’m not trying to get you in trouble or anything just trying to understand a little better. I am in the process of knitting a Sitcom chic for my mom and was thinking how cute it would be with a matching tank under it.

I didn’t think you were trying to get me in trouble! No, I don’t think it would. Rules for shirts go, nothing sheer, low necklines, must have sleeves, and no like, lace shirts as that kinda falls under the sheer deal. But lace jackets, skirts (like over skirts) , shawls, etc are okay. Just not as a shirt. Cables are fine as well. :slight_smile: I know, most of you are like, “huh??” lol, it’s allright. my family has a lot of rules that most people wouldn’t understood till they came to see us. :slight_smile:

How about a tank top OVER a short or long sleeve Tshirt - making it a vest instead of a tank.

Could you just add sleeves to a tank top? That would be a Master-worthy lesson in itself, figuring out how to create sleeves to add to a shirt.
Just a suggestion.
Or… If there’s a pattern that you really like but aren’t sure how to modify it to make it ok with your family’s rules… could you make it and donate it to Goodwill or a friend who could wear it? I mean, most patterns you should be able to do something to make them OK but sometimes I come across a pattern that I think, “I want to make THAT. I would never wear it, I would never use it, but I want to make it.”

Yes, that was my suggestion. A tank made in heavier yarn becomes a vest to be worn over a blouse.