I taught my first Lefty last night!

And it worked!!!

Coming into class she told me that she’d tried to crochet before but it looked awful and she just couldn’t do it :pout: Well come to find out her mother had been trying to teach her to crochet RIGHT HANDED!! No wonder she couldn’t get it So I had her mirror what I was doing (this was knitting by the way) and she picked it up VERY fast… got all the way through the 4 basic steps (knit, purl, casting on & binding off) and was started on her first project, a chunky wool scarf by the time she went home.

She was grinning ear to ear :happydance: and so pleased!! I was thrilled that I had actually been able to help her and that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be… and she’s coming back for another class next week… and then will probably come take the crochet class as well!!!

I tell ya… there’s people to be touched out there with this fiber arts stuff… I love teaching them! :heart:

From a lefty-- :muah: !

Here’s a site that she might be able to refer to as well when you’re not around.

The arrow for left handers doesn’t work on that first page, but you can access it by going to the link on the left.

I’m a lefty too. Thanks for taking the effort to show her, it does my heart good!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: it was heartwarming… I love finding new techniques for people so that they “get it” and finally understand what they are seeing :slight_smile: :heart:

I’m also a lefty. :thumbsup:
I knit “right handed” but I switched from throwing to continental and it’s so much more comfortable.

I had a lovely lady when I was a 4Her teach me how to knit left handed and I am so glad she did. It can be tricky to reverse some stuff as the mind sometimes doesn’t want to get around it, but the light bulb goes on eventually! I am left everything and can’t do anything right handed except use a computer mouse so I am grateful for ladies like you willing to teach those of us who can’t do it right handed.

That’s so great!

I am a lefty too, and taught myself from Amy’s videos after years of wanting to knit but never being able to get it. Even when people showed me (right handers of course) I could never do it. I started in December and have already knit 2 scarves and a pile of dishcloths for gifts to show off the fact that I could finally knit, lol.

Knitting is the only thing I do “right handed” and I still have no idea which way I am actually knitting- probably some odd combination only I could come up with, lol) but in any case it works!

I hope to be able to pass this on to another lefty someday, since it is so difficult for us to learn new things like this in a right handed world. I am very glad to hear you are out there helping all of ‘us’!!