I taught hubby to knit yesterday!

Yesterday at night i was knitting the Danica scarf for a co-worker and i told DH that entrelac is actually rather easy technique and i made a remark that knitting generally is not so hard for me, though different people find it sometimes difficult to learn. He asked “how difficult?”, so i told him that many beginners take classes because it’s easier to learn while watching someone. And then he asked me to give him needles and yarn and that he wants to see what the fuss is all about. You know, like Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear always says “How hard can it be?!” :teehee: . I taught him the long tail cast on, then he knit, purled and had a nice 5 row swatch in half an hour! I was absolutely amazed - he’s a natural! I tried for 2 hours to teach a neighbour’s daughter to knit, and she just couldn’t get it and he picked it up so quickly! He asked me not to frog his swatch and to put it aside. I told him that he might have found a new addiction and if he keeps at it, he can help me with my queue on Ravelry :happydance: . I was so excited and i think it really flattered him and encouraged him. I’m still excited :woohoo:

:yay: Good going KnittingNat and Hubby.

well done you, when we had our first child many moons ago, my husband made her a cardigan, but he would not pick up pins know mores the pity

I taught one of my third grade students (I had an after school class for my students that wanted to learn how) and she was a natural like your husband. She only made one mistake on her entire swatch (that was quickly fixed and she picked up how to fix flubs herself! Her tension was even… better than almost anyone that I had ever taught. (Adult or child)

Hopefully, since he was so successful- he’ll continue knitting?