I taught another truck driver to knit

So Mason, you aren’t alone out there now! This weekend I met a lady who drives trucks with her husband. She was saying how she wished she had something to do with her hands while she’s riding and not sleeping. I was sitting knitting on my son’s sweater and so, of course, I said, “I could easily teach you to knit.” She was staying at the same lodge I was for the weekend. I loaned her a pair of needles and some yarn overnight and taught her to knit and purl. She sat in the lobby by the fire place for several hours knitting a small 20 stitch swatch. She returned the needles to me the next day and asked me to evaluate her work. Which was pretty darn good for a beginner with nice even stitches.

Mason, if you see a woman truck driver trying not to twist her stitches be sure to say hi!

Good for you, you brought someone else over to the yarny side! :slight_smile: