I still have to Log In every time.... computer-stupid

Well, I’m almost embarassed to ask again coz I had a sillly question sometime back about… the read posts and their colors etc… that got resolved

but ever since the boards were redone, I’ve had to log in every day when I go on. I have checked that box Remember Me a hundred times but that just doesn’t work.

I’ll clear my cache again but I’ve already done that too.
Any suggestions?

It’s not just you, happens to me too.

Sheldon, I think maybe the cookies expiration needs to be extended. I know nothing about setting cookies, but I do know that my browser is set to keep cookies until they expire. And some sites’ cookies expiration dates are like 30 years from now.

Whew, so it’s not just me! Thanks for telling me Silver, I feel better!:teehee: hmmmm, maybe Sheldon will notice this. I hate signing in every day.

If you delete your cookies (temporary internet files) you are probably deleting your sign-in.

I only delete my cookies about once a month. I don’t think that’s it.

Most login problems stem from a problem with a web browser registering/storing/reading cookies. When you log into KH and check off the [I]remember me[/I] box a cookie is set on your computer. When you leave the forum and come back at another time, the forum looks for that cookie and automatically logs you in. If it can’t find the cookie or if the cookie is corrupt you will be prompted to log in again.

I forget how long the cookie is set to last on KH. I think it’s relatively short term (not years into the future). However, it should still remember you from one session to the next without making you log in each time you access the web site.

It sounds like you have tried clearing you cookies which is a good idea as it can remove any corrupt or stake KH cookies (from our older forum perhaps). You might also want to make sure you don’t have any software installed or browser plugins that are blocking cookies from being set. When cookies first came out many people were paranoid of them. Many system/ant-virus software exists that includes cookie blocking features. Browsers can also be set to no longer accept cookies, so you might want to check that you have cookies enabled.

Another possibility is your browser is having some trouble handling cookies. You may want to try reinstalling your browser or try using another browser if you have one installed on your computer. You can also try installing a different browser such as Firefox.

I hope some of these suggestions help you get the issue resolved.

Something I thought of… do you close your browser and then reopen it the next day, or leave it open all the time? You need to close it for any changes to take effect.

thanks so much Sheldon for all that explaining!

I will recheck everything. My Firefox is set to close each day when I turn computer off.

Anyhoo, I love the new forum esp the way the new messages to posts appear in my mail… thanks again!

How about closing FF before you turn off the computer? Just something else to check…

[COLOR=blue]I find that if I go away from the site for a few minutes and then go back it has logged me off–even if it is still up on the browser. I have to log in each time I come back…like I have been timed out maybe? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]:slight_smile: [/COLOR]