I STILL have the best husband in the world!

We have just gotten back from vacation & as everyone knows, Lonnie’s gift to me was to take me shopping for knitting :smiley: and we had FUN :cheering: :cheering: !! And I SCORED. I couldn’t find the knitting gift Christmas list, so I include everything here: 2 365 Pattern calendars and a darling knitting kit from my daughter with book for knitting animal fashion with too cute puppie needles!
Then we left for vacation & hit the 2 stores in St. Simons & went to 2 stores in Jax and I was done! …LOL, didn’t take me long to find all that was on my list except for a pattern that I will now have to order…no biggie, trust me :wink: !
Okay, the goodies are:
Yummilicious Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn
Oh so nice Wild Foote sock yarn
Too cute Wildflower yarn that I will use for socks
Wild Opal sock yarn
Oh Baby, 5 Bulky Lamb’s Pride in periwinkle & 1 worsted in periwinkle
Oh Baby, Baby…10 worsted Lamb’s Pride in blue flannel for the #15 Lace shawl in Vogue (winter or fall) (all superwash…YAY!!)
2 lovely patterns: Fibertrends “FlowerBasket Shawl” and Theresa Gaffey "Small Entrelac Bag"
Donna Kooler’s “Encyclopedia of Knitting” (this book ROCKS!)
Some accessories
Okay, then right after we got home…he surprised me with the new "Bewitched DVD with a DVD of some of the old TV shows! And 5 jars of Bath & Body Works Skin Repair Body Butter (my fave) and a tube of Whatever You Shea hand lotion!!
OMGOODNESS…I HAVE THE BEST :inlove: HUSBAND :inlove: IN THE WORLD :cheering: :cheering: and the sweetest daughter for thinking of Mom’s knitting :wink:
Of course, I took some photos! All can be seen here under 2005 Christmas goodies. But I have to show a few now :smiley:

FYI…I got Lonnie oodles & oodles of things that he wanted, too…but, it’s not nearly as exciting as knitting stuff…LOL…Well, it is to :inlove: him, which makes it exciting to me…but doubt that ya’ll would enjoy…LOL!

Wow–looks like you got a lot of great stuff–how sweet of your dh… and I love the posh pooches thing–I want a sweater for my spike (weiner dog) so badly!

you DID score!! I love the needles that came with the pooches book, how cute!!

[size=2](but my DH got me Lantern Moon needles, so neener :stuck_out_tongue: )[/size]

oooh :inlove:

OH! You scored with YARN goodies! I was thinking when you said you scored…nevermind.

Posh Pooches! :roflhard:


I WANT…NEEEEEED! That Posh Pooches book!!!

Quite the haul there! :cheering: Lonnie done good again!

Oh, wow, that is just fantastic! :cheering: :cheering:

I want to pet your yarn!!! :drooling:

And I just continue to fall more in love with Lonnie. You got some good karma there, Becka! :heart:


Holy Smokes…your DH did good :happydance:

:cheering: Well your a lucky girl alright. Does Lonnie know how much all the girls on K.H.com adore him, and how much you toot his horn. It’s nice to hear someone speak the way you do about your mate. Just keep on a tootin :thumbsup:

The line for the Lonnie fan club starts here…

Ya’ll are all so sweet! He is too, too sweet & I just have to share…as those of you that have been around for a while know so well :wink:
That was very nice of you to say, Indygirl…well, everyone! He is the best & he still just says… :blush: “girls…” when I tell him how much ya’ll say about him…it’s funny, he gets a bit embarrassed, and proud and blushes :inlove: ! That’s my baby! He would have taken me to every LYS in the state had I only hinted to do so…but…WOW…I think that we did quite well in just a few! He’s busily putting in our new shower so that I can get in & out easier! (FYI, for those that don’t know, I’m disabled from many, many hip replacements, surgeries, etc…the hits go on…lol :roflhard: ) I slipped not too long before we left for vacation when trying to step over the tub…next thing I knew…tub was out & shower stall was going in… :inlove: HE :inlove: IS THE GREATEST!! And, as u all know, I’m VERY SPOILED…lol!!! Sorry, gotta dash & lie back down from vacation exertion…LOL, when I can get back to reading all that I have missed I will be here all day…I’m quite anxious to catch up with my buds! LOL, it’s funny, I thought different things in shops & they would remind me of you guys! Friends…the greatest gift of all :heart:
[size=6][color=red]EDIT[/color][/size] Shannon got the Posh Pooches set @ Barnes & Noble for those of you who are looking…and it has such cute things :cheering:

Take your rest, enjoy your new tub/shower, and cuddle that bestest hubby! :heart: :heart:

We miss you and can’t wait til you’re back with us “full time”! :rofling:

Aren’t u so sweet! I miss everyone, too. I’ll be back in a few weeks, I think! Hugs to all :heart: