I started the Entrelac Socks

from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits. I started them yesterday, and I just keep wanting to shout “I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!!” …LMAO This pattern combines 2 of my favorite things to knit; entrelac and socks. You can see how far I got on it yesterday on my BLOG. I keep getting the urge to pick up the phone and call random people just to yell “I love my Yarn and this pattern is gorgeous!”…but I’m not that crazy…really, I’m not…okay, okay, I did do it. I called my best friend and hollered it at her. But, she’s a knitter…she understands. LMAO!

Are you going to go all the way up???
I am going to do these a little shorter :aww: .

yep, this pair is going the distance…lol (but no tassles) and, i’m planning on doing a pair when I’m done with these that will be ankle length entrelac socks.

LOL! Your enthusiasm is great! Your socks look great!

I REALLY want to make those!!! They’re on my list.

Yours look amazing so far!

I love the colors! The pattern is gorgeous! That looks like so much fun to knit! You have to show us when you’re done…or else that wouldn’t be fair for the rest of us…hehe… :heart:

As far as I’m concerned you could not have picked a prettier color combo. they are looking beautiful!

those look great! I really want to do these but have to finish a few things first… by the time I get around to them, I am sure everyone else will have moved on! I have to finish my first pair of toe-up socks (otn now) and then I have to learn entrelac, and then… I can try these.

I’m so impressed – lovely job.

I have knit a few pairs of socks but I have not been bitten by the sock bug.

If I even attempted the entrelac sock pattern it would be a very lonely sock indeed.

Right now I am trying to get past the SCS (second clog syndrome) that has set in even before I have finished my first one. :oops:


Can’t wait to see more progress on your socks!


i adore this pattern too. i have never knitted socks before. i have never tried entrelac before. and yet, i am going to make these socks, oh yes! they must be mine.

Your excitment is infectious, and the socks look just terrific!!


I SO LOVE that sock pattern! I just read in my Knitters Review weekly email that Eunny Jang is now going to be the editor of Interweave Knits as Pam Allen is leaving to take a position as Creative Director of Classic Elite Yarns…YAY to them both :cheering: :cheering:

I could have cried when I saw those socks in my magazine they are so very cute :heart: you are doing such a good job and you have wonderful colors

I agree…those are awesome. I want to do them so bad but I’ve no experience w/ toe up and the one time I tried enterlac I failed miserably…I’m going to practice garterlac/enterlac and then maybe consider trying it…

Yours look so great!

Ooohhhhh, you are killing me with those socks! :smiley: They look GREAT!! I have never done socks or entrelac, but as soon as my Karaoke comes in I am doing Lady Eleanor. Unfortunately the yarn is my mother’s day present, so I have a LOOONG wait ahead of me! :frowning: Someday I hope to do the entrelac socks…

Yours look GREAT and I love your colors!


They look AWESOME! I frogged mine because I was using varigated Lorna’s Laces thinking each block would be a different color, but it didn’t work out that way. But your colors are great. What yarn are you using?

You said on your blog to let you know when the new patterns went up for sale. So here they are:

Sorry I’ve been bad at updating this thread. I’ve been immersing myself in a sweater for my two year old neice’s birthday on the 25th, and I’m trying to get it finished in time.

Everyone, thank you SOOOO much for all the compliments on my sock. I would be a lot further in it, but the first time I had done the heel, the foot of the sock was too short so I had to frog back to before the heel and add another set of tiers and reknit my heel. I am finally back to where I was before I had to frog. Now I feel like I’m making progress again instead of the i already did this feeling.

Something about my socks has been brought to my attention. I didn’t even realize this myself. But I’m making Harry Potter Gryffindor color socks. I LOOOOVE the HP books, I cant believe that while choosing these colors I didn’t even realize this…LOL My Subconscious has a good sense of humor…LMAO (wouldn’t it be really cool to wear these to a HP book release?)

shellebelle216- I’m using KP gloss yarn in Burgundy and Sarengetti

mwedzi- hehe…I saw that the site was up when Cookie posted it on her blog. It was a total fluke that I checked her blog THE morning that her pattern site went live. I promptly bought German Stocking and Twisted Flowers. The others have to wait till I can get my hands on more fun money. [/i]

I just added a new pic of my sock on my BLOG

That looks FANTASTIC!! Ok, I’m convinced… I must knit some of these for me in white and pink!! :heart: