I started a Knitting Podcast

I feel like a total goober :aww: posting this here, but I guess I thought i’d share my new project with the knitters i’ve learned so much from!
Let me know what you think!
Stitch It!!
On iTunes


Ha! Cool! I just got an iPod Nano for Christmas, too!
I see you just finished the FT clogs. I am doing those right now. I finished my first clog last night except for the bumper. I used black yarn for the sole, and I’m having a hard time seeing the stitches to pick up for the bumper!!! Did you put a bumper on yours? I’ll look later and see if you posted photos of your finished clogs. :slight_smile:

i did put a bumper on mine. they turned out really pretty nice,and fortunately, fit my daycare lady perfectly! lucky guess! hahaha the beautiful thing about picking up stitch and knitting on felted stuff in general is, a lot of mistakes get hidden in the felting! so it doesn’t need to be perfect. just have a good guess at it! hehehehe.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]Hi Meghan!:waving: Wow, Ijust listened to your podcast while beginning the back of my Einstein coat and I loved it! Good job.
Interesting about the teaching your fellow office workers to knit, what a great thing.
Btw, what’s a bumper on the clogs? I’ve been meaning to make those for 2 years and haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Keep up the podcasts, they’re neat.
(I’m about to launch a blog but not just knitting related and I’m very interested in all this stuff). The spinning wheel, what a great gift for Xmas! [/COLOR][/SIZE]

Thanks! I’m always looking for new knitting podcasts :thumbsup:

Thank you! :muah:
I’m glad you liked it! I just uploaded episode 2! whew. i now understand why these things take some time to put together! it’s also hard to get used to talking about yourself. i’m trying to be concious so i don’t blab about my son too much, or blab about other things too much…but, that’s me! hahaha
the bumper is optional on those fiber trend clogs, and they are just like the bumpers on a bumper car. they’re just a rounded chunk that goes around the outside of the clog. i liked the way they look, so i put them on. they’re pretty sweet. i think on the pattern it shows them with and without. the bottom pair has bumpers. i think the top pair doesn’t, because they opted to sew on the suede sole.

happy stitching!

I just subscribed to your podcast. I haven’t listened to any yet, because I listen to knitting podcasts when I go for my walks in the morning. I’ll listen to yours tomorrow morning though! :slight_smile:

I just discovered it as well - actually I heard about it from Sharon on she-knits. I like it! You have a very easy-to-listen-to voice and good content. And I also have a son named Owen! I’ll definitely keep listening and I’m very interested in those breakfast bars you were talking about.

:yay: for you!!!

thank you!
i’m glad people enjoy hearing me babble!

oh and those breakfast bars are AWESOME!
i misspoke, and said sesame seeds…i actually use sunflower and pumpkin seeds in mine. made another batch this week with pecans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds…mmmmmmmmmmmm

I listened to the first one and I really enjoyed it!


Why is this in Off Topic? It is so knitting related!!!
Did you all hear her plug KH?:woot:

I’ve only listened to Episode 1 and will listen to the others while DD is at dance.

Great job, Meghan!:thumbsup:


I’ve subscribed to it and will check it out! Congrats!

I listened to this over the past week, and really enjoyed it. You’re doing great, keep it up!

I listened to Episode I last week! I enjoyed it!

thank you :muah:
i originally had a post about it in the knitting area, but i felt weird having it there so i moved it. like that area is reserved for knitting related questions. so as much as i TALK about knitting, i just felt like a podcast is “off topic” more then on…maybe i’m just silly. hahahaha

i just interviewed threesmom for my first interview-ee!!! she’ll be on the next episode which i hope to post on friday.
thank you all for listening! :muah:

and of COURSE i plug KH. it’s my knitting home! i just feel like a kid going off to college when i’m at ravelry. taking in all the sights, maybe learning something while i’m there. but really tied to my family here at kh! hehe.

i heard episode 3 this morning, which is my first to hear–it was soo good. (Finally!) I’ve dabbled with others but they were either too hyper or too mellow or too…something else. But yours was wonderful and I felt like I was catching up with an old friend. :slight_smile: Listening to your New Years resolutions, I thought, Oh, I should do all of those too. :slight_smile: Congrats to you! And thanks!

I started with episode 1… its really great! Nice job, and I’ll continue being a subscriber. :slight_smile:

are any of you interested in being interviewed in the future? pm me if you are. it might be a while, but i’d love to hear about you!

Hey Meghan, the Breakfast Bar recipe is veeeery yummy! Mmmmmm. I love them.

yeah!!! i make a batch each week, and they are SO tastey. i snack on them throughout the day…i figure it’s better then grabbing cookies…or candies…
i mis-spoke and said sesame seeds instead of sunflower seeds, but i’m sure you could throw some sesame seeds in as well. pretty much any seeds go! yummy!!!