I started a blog!


Hey people!

Since I have a lot of people ask me to teach them how to knit I decided to start a blog! It’s nothing much right now but I hope it helps out some of my friends as well as people who may be interested in knitting.

I hope to post knitting instructions along with my own projects and other DIY projects!

I also hope to promote this site and forum on my blog too because I think this is such a fantastic and useful site.

Please feel free to read my blog (and correct anything that you see I may have said wrong) http://xoangelmariexo.wordpress.com/




What a great idea! :yay:

If I might make suggestion about the info on needle sizes on yarn labels? They’re not hard and fast, only a manufacturer recommendation. It’s probably based on what gauge their test knitters got, but I can’t say that for sure.

It’s probably best to use stitch and row counts from the label when substituting yarns. If the yarn used in the pattern has 6 sts/inch on size 8s on the label, but you really love a yarn that has 8 sts/ inch on size 5s on the label, you’ll probably want to choose something else unless you want to modify the pattern.