I sprung for

A new set of Addi clicks!

I tried to go to yoga but that was cancelled and my friends both cancelled lunch with me so I needed a little pick me up.

I strayed into a yarn store to pick up some yarn for a hat and saw a set of addi clicks. Some pick me up!!

I am at that point where I was able to understand the German the shop keeper was speaking to me but I couldn’t say too much to her. She even told me where I can get a styrofoam head for blocking hats and I understood her. New hurdles for me in Switzerland!

I love my Addi clicks–all my Addis, actually. Nothing like them. Enjoy!

Nice!! That’s great you could understand her, too! :thumbsup:

I think that’s a wonderful purchase–and not just for the value of the needles. Now no matter where you knit, you’ll always remember buying those needles in Switzerland. And I bet they’ll be used a lot, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to think about that memory.

Congratulations, Bambi! Happy to hear that you were able to treat yourself to a set of Addi Clicks. I got mine about a year ago or so. They have been my favorite interchangeable needle set!

They are so handy. My favorite thing about the Addi Clicks is the superfine, highly-polished, silky-feeling finish! It just can’t be beat!

I’ve since purchased the Addi Clicks Lace set. It’s the same high quality. Addi Clicks Lace can be purchased in stubby tips and long tips. I purchased the LONGS.

The stubby-tips (original) set includes the 16" cable. The longs-tips set has 24"-32" cables. No 16" cable. Can’t use a 16" cable with long tips. Especially for ‘in the round’.

Anyway, so happy for you! Enjoy!