I sold something

So I sold my candle flame shawl at a craft fair that my mother was a part of. THey were supposed to make knitted bags and fancy scrapbooking cards but they ended up just making baked goods so i was the only one to offer a knitted item. Here is the back modeled by my mother and then the front modeled by the buyer.

i bet your mom was bummed to give it up!

congrats! :slight_smile:

Wow! Good for you! It’s a beautiful shawl!

Congratulations! Beautiful work!

Terrific! It is always great to sell something.

Congratulations!! Looks like a happy buyer.

Way to go !!! :woot: Many congratulations!

Thanks everyone :muah:

It’s gorgeous!! I hope you charged a bundle, because it’s worth it!

Way to go:woohoo: