I sold my own product!(sewing)

A bit back my LYS was doing a charity craft sale for the victims of our Mpls bridge collapse, and since I used to drive that bridge at least twice a day for 5 years, I decided to donate, but wanted something I could make a lot of that would sell for cheap because people tend to like to buy little things at those events it seems. So I made up about 20 of these:

They are big stuffed fish with catnip. My cats love them. Literally rip them to pieces requiring fish surgery. I brought them all (pre tested by my cats of course) to the LYS and only put a price of $3 a piece because I was going to be embarrased if I had to take them back.
Well, today I was in the LYS, and the owner asked if those were mine, and I said yes. She said she ended up having to buy 3 for her cats, and her employee had to buy 2. They all sold!
Ok, I know, they are just sewn fish with catnip. But I MADE THEM, and they sold to people! I didn’t have to give them to people! Even my treasured mentor LYS PAID MONEY FOR THEM!:yay::woohoo:
As a side, I asked if she would be interested in selling them in her shop, and she said “maybe…” with a smile.:woot:
I love that shop!

Congratulations! I hope she wants you to sell them in her store, that would be so great.
I also love the chili pepper fabric, very original!

Congratulations! That is a fantastic feeling to know you have a talent and skill that other people appreciate. ::yay:

Cute idea!! Way to go!


Lovely, well done!

If your LYS doesn’t want to sell them, you should sell them on Etsy.