I should be working, I'd rather be knitting

Just finished a hat for Mum’s birthday. Its beautiful, and was fun to do, but its too ‘twinset and pearls’ for her, I dont think she’ll wear it.

Pondering starting another one, but I should be working. Dilemma.

I have the same problem. I would much rather knit than work! Unfortunately, knitting doesn’t pay my bills!

Too true. Tried to make knitting pay my bills, failed miserably, have to stick to my proper job :sad:

It really bites when real life gets in the way of our knitting time!!

Yea i need a tshirt that says…

Life gets in the way of my KNITTING!!!

I know what you mean. Between school and work, doesn’t leave me much knitting time.
I got out of work last night around 10, and came home and knit a few rows on the blanket I am working on.

I’m working from my home office right now and knitting away as I can. It comes in fits and starts, depending on how often my phone rings and how often my mailbox fills up. The relaxation it brings me helps me deal with many situations where I would usually snarl and say something really snarky. In the past two weeks my clients are just amazed at how “mellow” I am.

This is the most fun I’ve had working in years.

Oh kids, husband, dog, housework, friends, family they all get in my way of knitting! Some times I just want them to go away for a few minutes and let me enjoy that lovely feeling when your hands seem to know what to do without your brain telling them - to me its as good as my runner’s high.