I seemed to have added a stitch...? (Help please!)

Alright, well i’ve just started knitting and right now I’m knitting a normal scarf. I started with 22 stiches, and after the 4th row, i had 23 stiches :frowning: And I have no idea how I did it. How do I fix it to get back down to 22 stiches?

Please help me! :slight_smile:

You can either start completely over (frog it)…or you can knit 2 stitches together (k2tog). You can also just ignore it and keep knitting with 24 sts. It probably won’t be noticeable in the end. This issue is a common one with new knitters.

Congradulations to you for learning to knit. It’s a fantastic way to spend your time. And it’s addictive. I have been knitting for about a 1 1/2. I love it!!!

At the top of this forum there is a thread called “Mysterious Extra Stitches”. That might help you out, too.

As long as you don’t add any more sts you can just leave it. Look at this thread on how extra sts get added for ideas on how to prevent it.