I screwed up the Butterfly Pattern - HELP!

I really need help with this pattern. Since I can’t find a link to it on line, I typed up an excerpt because I’m totally stumped. The first 6 rows in stocking st. - no problem. Rows 1 & 2 - no problem. The problem comes in on the 3rd row because 1) I don’t know how many times I’m supposed to knit the sequence of stitches in Row 3 since it doesn’t specify, so I repeated it until the end of the row. But I was short a couple of stitches. I ended Row 2 with 153 stitches, but Row 3 threw me for loop. I know it’s hard not being able to see the entire pattern, but if anyone could shed some light on this, I’d be grateful.

Here’s the excerpt verbatim; Row 3 is what’s got me stuck:

With circular needle and MC, cast on 153 sts. Do not join. Working back and forth across needle, proceed as follow:
Work 6 rows in stocking st.
**1st row: (RS). K4. (Work 1st row of Panel Pat. K7) 3times. Work 1st row of Panel Pat. K4.
2nd row: P4. (Work 2nd row of Panel Pat. P7) 3 times. Work 2nd row of Panel Pat. P4.
Panel Pat is now in position.

Cont in pat until 30th row of Panel Pat is completed. Beg with knit row, work 12 rows in stocking st. ***

Panel Pat (worked over 31 sts).
1st row: (RS). K2. K2tog. (yfwd) twice. Sl1. K1. psso. K19. K2tog. (yfwd) twice. Sl1. K1. psso. K2.
2nd row: P4. PB1. P22. PB1. P3.
[COLOR=“Red”]3rd row: K5. yfwd. Sl1. K1. psso. K17. K2tog. Yfwd. K5.[/COLOR]
4th row: Purl.

Row 1- You should have done 2 yarn forwards, two times in the pattern row. It’s kinda tricky but you just wrap the yarn around the needle again for the second yarn forward. The Sl1, k1, psso may also be causing problem. Your stitch count should always be a multiple of 31 sts. You should have 155 sts.
Row 2- You’ll be purling the first 4 sts, then purling through the back loop of the second yfwd from the previous row, might be a little tricky as well then proceed with the P22, PB1(will be going into the first loop of the second set of double yarn forwards, then you’ll k2tog(one of which will be the last half of the yfwd. I hope I’m not confusing you…
So, Row 3: This should be an easy row if the other two are done correctly.

Let me know if this is not clear enough!

But, for the 3rd row, they don’t indicate how many times I repleat that particular pattern of stitches like they did for Rows 1 & 2. So, when I got to Row 3, I just repeated that exact pattern almost 5 times (left with a couple of extra stitches).
If I follow the logic in Rows 1 & 2, would I do this for Row 3:

K4. (Work [COLOR=“Red”]3rd[/COLOR] row of Panel Pat. K7) 3times. Work [COLOR=“Red”]3rd[/COLOR] row of Panel Pat. K4.

I basically took the instructions for Row 1,but replaced what was in parentheses with “Row 3”.

On the other thread I mentioned that if you just repeat what’s written on R 3 5 times you need 155 sts, so with the extra increases on R 1, that works out. They didn’t say how many times (should have) but if you just repeat it until you’re at the end of the row it works out.

Sorry, I didn’t read anything but the stitch pattern.

It is a tad confusing but yes, the 3rd row should work properly with your logic. The first 4 sts create an edging, then after each pattern repeat of 31 sts, then the k7, times 3, then do the pattern row another time, finishing with the k4. You are actually doing 4 repeats(31 x 4 = 124 sts) plus 4(at the beginning), plus 7 x 3 =21, plus the last 4 (29 extra sts) This will give you the 153. Yep, brains are working now… You will have 4 repeats of each set of the stitch pattern rows.

Your actual stitch pattern only uses 124 of the cast on sts.

Is this helping at all?

Oh doh! Yes, there are 4 border sts on all rows that aren’t in the pattern repeat. So that should work out.

I don’t know if you’ve made this pattern work yet or not but I posted about the same one about a week ago and thought I was going to pull my hair out. You do keep the 4 sts (either knit or purl depending on the row) at the beginning and the end of each row. Then you also add the 7 sts in between each time you start the pat panel just like you did in rows 1 and 2. So, on every row you will have :

4 sts, pattern (31) +7, pattern(31) +7, pattern(31) +7, pattern (31), 4 sts = 153 sts and butterflies!!!

Good Luck!!