I saw this pattern

and can NOT find it again! I love surfing for patterns and yarn and have a tendancy to be on a site, check out everything listed on that site and on and on for hours and hours, so I have no clue where I saw it. I really think I started from here, but I’ve searched for days and haven’t found it.

It’s a simple cabled sweater - my next goal is to learn cables. This one was knit in kind of a big gauge - it was a little drapey and soft and the cables were kind of free form - not like a panel and not in straight lines, kind of twisted up the side of the front, if that makes sense. The cables started right at the hem and went to the neck, no ribbing. The whole thing - fit and cable pattern - was not tailored at all. It looked very comfy and a little outside the box, not like the traditional cable patterns I’ve seen. I don’t remember the sleeves at all.

I have seriously looked for days and haven’t seen it again. I even did a search for cabled pullovers, but didn’t find it. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

Haven’t the foggiest notion, but I’ll be watching this thread because it sounds like something I really really need.

Maybe this one from the current issue of Interweave Knits?

That’s cute, but not quite it. The gauge was bigger - not necessarily bulky yarn, but a looser knit and the cables went up the right of center front. I’m thinking it was a light or greyish blue.

From now on I’m saving every single pattern I see and like! This has happened to me before.

Then again, I used to be afraid of cables and lace, so I’m interested in lots more than I used to be.

Thanks for your help. Sure hope somebody finds it. If I do happen across it again I’ll post it.

This happens to me all the time, too. That’s why, whenever I come across ANYTHING even remotely interesting, I bookmark it. Yeah, I end up having a bookmark list a mile long, but at least it’s a smaller pool of possibilities to sift through when I inevitably end up searching for it again. :slight_smile:

Someone posted a link here a while ago that I find priceless.
I now use this everytime I come across anything on the internet I might want to keep. Too many times sites I bookmark disappear and I can’t find the info again. Also if I’m not connected to the net I can still access patterns because they’re stored on my hard drive.