I saw Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I saw Stephanie Pearl-McPhee last week and she was soooo funny (just like her blog!!)! I had such a good time…the LYS brought her to Atlanta and 700 people attended a local community theater space where we had Atlanta’s largest knit-in while she spoke! It was so much fun!

Anyone else ever heard her speak before? I didn’t realize her writing (the books about knitting) was kind of sparked by the SARS epidemic in Canada–she and her dh lost their jobs as a result of SARS in Toronto and she had written freelance articles in the past and loved to knit so she decided to pair the two together as a way to earn a little extra money…go figure! Good things do come out of tragic events…

Why would she get fired from the SARS epedemic? :??

I didn’t know that either! Wow!

I have all of her books and she is very funny in them. Love her blog too.:hug:

I saw her a week ago and she was fantastic.

I believe she got let go from being either a Douala or lactation consultant due to being in the hospital for pregnant/post preg moms. With the epidemic they couldn’t have “extra” people coming and going (thus, potentially spreading sars) in the hospital.

I saw her in Houston last week. She was great!

yep–she was kind of both from what I understand and b/c SARS was contained within the hospital, they wouldn’t let a lot of people come and go. Her husband is a media producer and 80% of his clients were US citizens and the US government put a ban on travel to and from Canada during the epidemic.